How To Figure Out What You Really Want Out Of Life…

How To Figure Out What You Really Want Out Of Life

Have you ever been to a seminar where the lecturer makes you write all sorts of materialistic dreams, and you thought, “I don’t really want all of this?” You were right! You don’t. You don’t really want the images you cut out from a glossy magazine and put on a vision board. But what do you really love? What gets you pumped up, excited, connected to the beauty that is life? What is your bliss Most of us have not answered these questions in a long time, if ever. Instead, we close our eyes to the things that bring us joy, choosing instead to pursue what we think we should have or think we should be. Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with having material things. The problem comes when you mistake them for things that will bring you true happiness on a soul level.

Once you identify what truly makes you happy, you lose all resistance to any end result. You no longer struggle between what you actually want and what you think you should want, because you will have let go of the “shoulds” and tap into your true choices. Once that happens, you’ll be able to manifest anything you want, including material things, with ease. It all starts, though, with figuring out what you truly want out of life. I’d like to walk you through how to do that here, because that’s the key to creating a life you truly love.

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What would you love to create?

There is only one way to achieve true happiness, and that is to go for things you love—end results you choose to create for no other reason than you’d love to create them. Start by claiming the biggest choices you can. This allows you to get in the energy of that choice; then, you break it down into small milestones you can focus on.

Usually, people have five to eight end results that are “true for them.” These are things they really love, and no two are identical. However, there are some common themes:

  • What family environment you wish to create
  • What you are passionate about/things you love to do
  • Your intimate relationship
  • Your friendships
  • Experiences you wish to have
  • How you desire to serve/impact the world
  • How much financial abundance you create
  • What you do for a career/business

In all of these, the prime question is, “What would I really love to create?”

Notice that you are not asking how you will get there. There are no limits, no conditions. It’s all about the end result.

Breaking it down

Once you have decided on what end results you want, you can break them down and focus on creating them in a systematic and structured way. For example, let’s say you want to create the end result of financial abundance. That’s a big goal, so break it down into smaller increments. I usually suggest to people I’m coaching that they break these big goals down into a ninety-day objective, then a thirty-day target, a seven-day plan, and a daily ritual. This allows you to follow the natural rhythm of creation. A year is the total number of days the Earth orbits around the sun. Ninety days is approximately a season, and a month is an approximate lunar cycle. The weeks fit into the month, and the days into the week.

Breaking your big vision down allows the structure to flow. If you complete your day, it bundles into your week and your month, and then eventually, the end result is manifested.

Create your end results

So, let’s get started on creating your end results. To do this, we will go into a possibility-imagination meditation and ask for guidance from our Superconscious.

  1. Close your eyes, connect to your heart/intuition, and feel the moment
  2. Choose the end result of a life you love and feel it
  3. Ask, “What are all the possible ways I can have this?”
  4. Notice what comes to you and write it down
  5. Ask, “What would I love to create to feel this even more?”
  6. Notice what comes to you and write it down
  7. Repeat this process with the other end results you identified (for example, “I choose the end results of total financial abundance” or “I choose the end result of a happy and connected family”)

This should take about three minutes per choice. This allows you to receive all the possibilities of how you already have the choice, and how you can expand upon it. After creating each choice, you can take each end result and define what the path ahead is. I like to focus on what could be done in the next ninety days to move towards this end result. Once you have the ninety-day outcomes, you can then decide what is needed to move forward on a monthly and weekly basis. I have found some people prefer to go from ninety days to thirty, and others like to go straight down to a week.

For some of your choices, there will be nothing you need to do in the next ninety days. If you get “there is nothing to do,” let that be true. You don’t always have to “do” something on every choice. Sometimes everything is in place, and you can just let that choice manifest perfectly. Many times in your relationship choice, it’s as simple as one word like “time” or “love,” and sometimes there is real work to be done to move that relationship towards what you desire.

Focus on what you desire

Once you have deciphered what you love, you are much more effective at creating it. You have all your focus on just the one thing you desire to create, instead of half your focus on what you want, and half your focus somewhere else. By connecting to your Superconscious as you work through this process, you get outside of your current reality/understanding, and enter a new place where you gain much more information. From that place, you will be able to formulate an action plan, using both your logical, grounded thinking, and your emotional, creative genius, and truly create the life you love.


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