Top 7 Female Life Coaches…

Top 7 Female Life Coaches

Most people do not know they need a life coach until they start working at organizations that hire them for their teams or are confronted by big career and life decisions. It is normal to believe you can navigate life alone and that coaching is for those with no clarity of goal or mind, but higher levels of performance will demand more of you. Coaches see the picture that most of us don’t see since we have already decided how our lives will be, so smart people know to hire one before they hit plateaus in their professional capacities and relationships.

The number of women in this industry is growing by the day because a woman seems to be deeply in touch with as many aspects of life as possible. We compiled a list of the best female life coaches you may want to start talking too soon, whether you are in crisis or not.

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Stacie Barber

This transformational life coach offers her female clients a transformation package through her Sisterhood programs, equipping clients with life coaching techniques that instill all the confidence you will need to live out loud. She believes that we all have the resilience to overcome difficulties and shed shame so we can be in the present and achieve the things we have set out in our minds. Once you have booked a coaching appointment, she shows you the steps she will use to guide you, and you can follow through from any geographical location as she’s available on the internet.

Rebecca Branham

From an overworked nurse to a life coach, she teaches you how to get rid of limiting beliefs, caring for the mind and body, and reminding you that self-care is not optional. You cannot keep building a business or career if your body is burned out and uncared for, as that will move to the brain and drag you down.

Reverend Lenise D Harris

If you are stuck at a spiritual and personal development, you may want to reach out to Reverend Harris for coaching. She believes everyone can transform themselves spiritually, monetarily, religiously, and even romantically now and for the generations to come. Harris curates these workshops that she calls Self Love for All Souls so women and their girlfriends can get together. If you have an experience with such things and are determined to make changes that will impact everyone around you positively, you may want to speak with the good reverend.

Dr. Andra Brosh

Dr. Brosh, a licensed Clinical Psychologist, is the creator of Psyche & Salt and Liberation Journey. They are designed to help women awaken their physical and emotional awareness so they can welcome success and healing. Her approach brings together psychotherapy, tarot card reading, nutrition, guided meditation, astrology, nature therapy, journaling, and personality assessments, among others, to tap into one’s thoughts and free them from burdens that prevent them from reaching their purpose. Dr. Brosh personalizes her teachings to target each person she encounters.

Atousa Raissyan

A positive mindset is a key ingredient in getting the life you desire, which is why Raissyan, the Shaman, is involved in helping her clients overcome. She helps you program your mind to shed the things that caused you pain and uncertainty in the past to your truest, unique self. Her teachings are ideal for those who may not be able to let go of the rope so the universe can take control. You are taught to worry less about what society needs and says and focus more on what you can do.

Nadiya Manji

Manji is, among other things, a certified emotional intelligence expert who has shared how she was able to recalibrate and find balance in her book, Searching for Balance. Through her skills, she helps you develop emotional intelligence to navigate leadership roles in various capacities while debunking the work-life balance fallacy that most of us have been fed for years. Her guidance allows you to create a vision that will build better relationships with your teams, employers, employees, and family. Manji has worked with renowned world leaders for over two decades.

Helen Godfrey

Having understood how difficult career paths can be to navigate alone, Godfrey, MA, NCC, BCC, and founder of The Authentic Path, started her job in 2000 and has helped several find their way. She’s available online on the phone or through secure videos to reach as many as possible. She critiques resumes and LinkedIn profiles, helps with job strategies and shows you the way when you are unsure of the right career path.

You want to call on her if you are unable to reach your goals due to time mismanagement, procrastination, or are simply lost and need some guidance. Godfrey’s period of service has given her the instincts she needs to help you get back on track or simply get joy in your work.


If you have ever felt the need to change your life but haven’t got any clue where to start, it helps to speak to someone that could declutter your mind. If you are deep into procrastination and tired of it, get an appointment with someone that will teach you new and more productive ways. You learn so much about yourself when you let a stranger look into your life without bias and call out the poor culture that has been preventing you from moving forward..


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