Why Feeling Lonely Is An Opportunity…

Why Feeling Lonely Is An Opportunity

It seems like many of us are becoming more separated and feel lonely these days. It does hit me too, sometimes. Even though I have very close friends and my mom is always there, still sometimes this tremendously heavy feeling comes back. With time I have learned to accept it and be with it, with the help of spiritual techniques that I came across.

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Face-to-Face with Fear

An Indian mystic OSHO once said, “We are used to being busy and once we are at home and we have nothing to do, we rush outside or find something to get ourselves busy with. If we don´t, we will feel extremely lonely.” Well, I feel this way sometimes, too. That is the moment when the Universe is giving me that great opportunity to learn and grow.

Sometimes all the friends are busy and there is so much free time! It can be so pleasant or strange to be alone. I know that when I feel down I must embrace all that there is. After all, we all come into this world on our own and we leave it on our own. The times when I feel totally lost are the times when I must remind myself that I am able to do it all on my own and that I have myself. I will make it. Life has shown me that I can make it on my own. There are always beloved people around me but when I need to make important steps when no one else can do so for me – I am capable to do what I gotta do.

When a Weakness Becomes a Strength

We possess the power of transformation. We, human beings, have the consciousness to work with our emotions. If we do say to ourselves in that extremely tough moment, “Okay, I won´t run from it, I open up to it,” this will be a step towards healing. Instead of reaching for that chocolate and a glass of wine or turning on a movie when you feel so so bad and totally abandoned, just sit with it. Cry, be very present in that loneliness. Write in your journal, beat the pillow. Breathe.

After a while, it will feel lighter. Take a shower, drink some tea or water and go for a walk. Be with yourself and notice all that beauty around you. It’s okay to dive into that feeling of being so alone, and then transform it into your power. Say to yourself, “All right, I get it, I’m alone. And? The world didn’t end. I can still make it. I can still be whoever I want to be. I can go on. I have myself right here at all times!”

It’s Your Life!

Thank your emotions. Once you start embracing your feelings instead of running from it, like that fear of feeling alone, this will be a game changer. You will feel empowered each time when you get out of it on your own. Without using pills, shopping, comfort foods or any other way that is your way to escape from yourself. You will feel more and more capable of being on your own without depending on anyone.

You will feel strong to go on and live your own life. Just the way you dream it. Each time accept what comes, transform it and see what a beautiful, strong and wise human being you are.


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