Why We Must Overcome Our Fears Again And Again…

Why We Must Overcome Our Fears Again And Again

Fear itself does not have value, but its connection to pain makes it deadly — deadly to our progress, and deadly to our capabilities. My friends, fear is supposed to make us stay vigilant and not stop us from growing. Whether it is the fear of failure, humiliation, scarcity, it all connects to pain, and we humans do not like pain. Every time we encounter a situation where it threatens our lives or reputations or feels that we could be judged, it can halt us from moving forward.

In every step of the way in our life, we encounter challenges, and along comes the fear, and so it makes it imperative to understand its existence and how to overcome it — or it can cause us to stop making serious progress in life. We must realize that its presence does not exist but a way of our mind producing feelings to stay vigilant. We can spend our entire life not trying things, staying in fear, where it could just be a matter of preparing a week or even a day.

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Face your fears

Whether it is the first time you are stepping into the water, going to the gym, taking on a new task, or are recovering from a setback, the only way to move forward and gain confidence is to face your fears. Overcoming your fear does not mean just jumping in the deep water without scuba gear or training or trying to run while the doctor has asked you for bed rest. Prepare for it, but don’t spend too much time preparing for it; go for it.

Believe in yourself. Look at your previous achievements. Acknowledge that fear is in our minds. Why waste our lives abstaining from water? We can learn how to float in a week or even in a day. When there is a way to take a step forward, and our mind is stopping us, we must recognize that our mind is playing games with us. We must take proper preparation and precautions and get back in there.

Bullying at school and the comeback

At my early age, I was short in height among my school peers. There was a group of kids that transferred over from another school. My old peers did not tease me much; however, the situation was not the same anymore. The old bullies had joined this new group, and I got bullied by this new group in the class. I couldn’t do much because of my size compared to other kids’ size in the group. They walked together in a group, and I was primarily alone or with one of my friends. It was an uneasy feeling of getting bullied any minute. I wanted to overcome my fear. I did not want to fight the kids, but I wanted to save myself and my friends.

My cricket coach at that time was going for karate classes. I had watched some movies that how after learning the art of karate, I can defend myself. I mentioned this thing to my mother, who soon had my brother in the academy and me. It was not the karate, that belt, or the trophy that helped me overcame my fear. It was the fact that I took proper training to defend and attack. That gave me confidence. Word spread in the class. I had a couple of encounters after that, but they were not complete because I could resist this time. Even though it never escalated to a fight because I took the training, it gave me enough confidence to focus on other things without being fearful of them and stopped them from coming after me. Preparation to overcome your Fear is a must. And believing that we can do better is imperative.

Overcoming our fears again and again

Once we have overcome that initial fear and start the process of moving forward, a significant setback can make us question ourselves again. Proper analysis of the situation and believing in ourselves becomes the key here. If I do not want to participate in a bicycle race because of the fear of losing or humiliation or getting hurt, believing that I can do it is essential. However, if I overcame the Fear of racing and did participate, but I got injured and broke my leg, I might have second questions about myself even if I overcame the Fear the first time I rode it. Nonetheless, it becomes more important to believe in ourselves now more than ever before.

We must see our lives from a birds-eye view. We must pay attention to where we started from and not only where we are stuck. We must adapt and be resilient. The trick here is not to quit cycling altogether. Mindset will be how I get back on track and not make the same mistake. Once we are back on track, we can slowly improve our game. When we believe in ourselves, we find ways to overcome our fears. Fear is not of one kind only, and overcoming Fear is not a one-time thing either. To reach our vision, our dream, we must overcome our fears again and again.

We all grow together🙏🙏


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