7 Fascinating Ways To Unleash Your Creativity With Mindfulness…

7 Fascinating Ways To Unleash Your Creativity With Mindfulness

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An article published in Harvard Business Review states that creativity and innovation are part of pretty much every job description. Whether you are working on a presentation, trying to finish an assignment without anyone’s help, or finding a solution to a customer’s issue, the solution is never likely to come out of a textbook. However, it is tough to keep churning out incredible ideas every single day. So, how do you produce great ideas? What is the way to “get your mojo back”?

One rather popular solution to this is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is a mental training practice that includes focusing your mind on your experiences (like your own thoughts, and emotions) in the present. Mindfulness meditation can consist of breathing practices, awareness of body and mind, mental imagery, and muscle and body relaxation.

There are many ways in which practicing mindfulness meditation can improve your singing, dancing, painting, writing, office brainstorming, and other creative endeavors. So, let’s enlighten you on the ways mindfulness can enhance your creativity.

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1) Helps you focus

Even the most accomplished individual has to struggle to succeed in a fast-paced world. Most professionals are competing to maintain his/her undivided attention to work on a daily basis. However, mindful meditation makes it easier. Mindfulness enables you to stay rooted in your creative vision and inspiration and assists you to stay focused. When activities around you or your own thoughts are distracting you from work, practicing mindfulness allows you to retain your focus. Also, if you are dealing with a creative engagement, there’s no better alternative to bringing unwavering focus and attention.

2) Makes embracing complexities a lot simpler

There’s no escaping the fact that life is complicated. In fact, you may find that pursuing any creative endeavor often takes a backseat to seemingly pressing concerns. Since practicing mindfulness enables you to maintain focus, it also prepares you to embrace more complexity, be it in life or in art. It may appear paradoxical, but when you are able to deal with more chaos, you can also express greater simplicity. And this ability can considerably enhance your creative expression and boost your output.

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3) Assists in creative collaboration

It is no secret that the practice of meditation minimizes stress and empowers you with an ever-growing sense of inner peace. This, in turn, makes you an easier person to be around. People will genuinely enjoy your presence without even realizing why. When it comes to creative collaboration, clearing the space between ourselves and others can present fruitful outcomes. This is possibly one of the most pertinent ways mindfulness can help you become more creative.

When self-interest is no longer running the show (in art, in life, or in work), there is no limit to how much people can creatively accomplish together. The accomplishments extend far beyond what a single individual could ever achieve alone.

Man does design work on computer.

4) Alters the perception of beauty

Being mindful is all about self-awareness. When you nurture your sensitivity to everything that is happening within you and/or around you, your senses become heightened. You start observing things that people usually don’t. You also start hearing sounds that many people unconsciously tune out. You start finding beauty in everything, including the seemingly mundane objects and the ordinary actions of people. An enhanced perception of beauty helps to amplify the creative process.

This is the secret of Zen that inspired meditators throughout history. Even Steve Jobs modeled Apple’s design sensibility on the Zen philosophy.

5) A key to driving more energy

Mindfulness hasn’t received much attention because most people are unaware of the fact that it has the ability to give you energy. It is effective in ways that coffee, Red Bull, and even good old-fashioned power naps can never be. Once you get to the stage in which you are able to meditate for more than an hour at a time, you will start to discover that the more you meditate, the less sleep you require.

This is particularly beneficial for creative individuals. That’s because staying up late, night after night can often result in feelings of burnout and exhaustion. If you meditate deeply and consistently, you can develop a connection with a mysterious reserve of energy. This, in turn, brings moments of rest that your body and mind require. Of course, you will have to invest a considerable amount of time sleeping. However, adding meditation to the mix allows you to stay active throughout the day.

6) Establishes a deeper connection with your creative impulse

Creative impulse can be felt as a sudden inspiration to learn a new skill or as a dormant desire to create an artistic masterpiece. What would happen if you realized that the creative impulse isn’t just an experience that you have now and then, but rather it’s one of the deepest qualities of your own true self? Meditation can help you awaken the ultimate source of creativity. This is the same creative force responsible for the creation of all things in the world, from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to Sistine Chapel. This way, you can learn to align your own life with a deeply fulfilling and positive attitude.

7) Boosts self-expression

If you still need some convincing regarding mindfulness being great for your creative pursuits, there’s also the power of spiritual enlightenment to consider. Meditators throughout history have often held enlightenment or spiritual liberation as the purpose of their practice. But even a little indulgence on mindfulness can give you a taste of what the concept of spiritual liberation means. It can help you to gain more freedom from your mind, from the world, and from time.

You need to arrive at a degree of spiritual liberation to emerge as a truly creative individual. And how do you achieve that? Well, by practicing mindfulness, of course.

Parting thoughts

Mindfulness meditation is a versatile tool to improve your creativity. Not only does it help you achieve inner peace and relieves physical tension, but it also enables you to clear your mind in new ways and on a much deeper level. As creators, you’d be setting yourself for long-term success if you make use of it.


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