4 Fantastic Gift Giving Tips For The Festive Season…

4 Fantastic Gift Giving Tips For The Festive Season

Gift giving is a big part of the festive season, and whether or not you celebrate Christmas, colleagues, teachers, service providers, and everyone else needs to be thought about in some way. Does this tie you up in knots? Do you over-analyze and overthink every gift you have to buy? Do you frequently overspend? Do you become paralyzed by our ‘compare and despair’ culture and put off your shopping until the last minute? If any of these things are true for you then these tips are here to help!

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Health Benefits of Giving

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that giving actually brings more pleasure and happiness than receiving? Just think of the great benefit to your own well-being you can get from giving gifts. Why not take a moment to express gratitude for this gift within a gift? Even if you don’t get the ‘perfect’ gift every time, the recipient is still going to feel chuffed that you put in the time and expense of giving them a gift at all!

Green Christmas

For the well-being of the planet, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure your gift giving has the lowest carbon footprint possible. Consider:

  • Buying local: Supporting businesses close to you as well as lessening the impact of goods being shipped all over the globe.
  • Buying second-hand: Do you really need to buy something brand new? It may be that your local op-shop or garage sale has just what you were looking for in the pre-loved form. Let’s reduce waste as much as possible.
  • Recycling wrapping: Have a competition to see who can open their presents the most carefully so the paper can be used again next year. Ribbons and trimmings can usually be used multiple times. Cut up last year’s Christmas cards to use as gift cards. If you didn’t keep last year’s cards you can start this year!

A Gift of Experience

An experience is the best gift, not only because there is so much stuff cluttering up the (Western) world, but also because the memory created by an experience can often be cherished for a lot longer than a material thing will last. So, why not opt for experiential presents rather than physical ones? Give people tickets to movies, theater performances, concerts, sporting events. Buy a voucher for a class or an outdoor activity like skydiving. Or best of all, buy a voucher for something that is going to provide improved well-being to your loved one – an energy healing session, a massage, a personal trainer, a meditation workshop, a clean eating cooking demo.

Buying Gifts Using the Power of Your Energy Centers – the Chakra Gift Guide

These powerful gemstones are the perfect gift to energetically align the chakras

All of our chakras – the 7 main energy centers of the body – have a role in how we go about buying gifts!

1st Chakra (Root) – If you are buying gifts for your birth family, whom you don’t get along with very well, get your favorite red garment or jewelry on, spend a few minutes grounding yourself with bare feet in touch with the ground an go buy a ‘safe’ gift like wine, body lotion, a movie voucher.

2nd Chakra (Sacral) – If you are buying gifts for close friends, partners or children this Chakra is the energy center associated with the partnerships. Time to get your orange on and drink lots of water during this shopping trip. Do a Marie Kondo and pick something that makes you really feel good! The 2nd chakra is all about letting your emotions flow and feeling your way through decisions.

3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) – When you don’t feel confident that you can buy the right gift, pop something yellow on and choose a sunny day for this shopping trip, choosing a venue where you get to walk outside between the shops. Give yourself positive affirmations as you go and think about all those successful gifts you’ve given before!

4th Chakra (Heart) – This is the energy center associated with giving and receiving love, as well as feeling compassionate and inclusive. Wearing your favorite green Christmas shirt, you might decide to gift those you love a donation to a charity for those less fortunate – spread the love beyond your immediate circle.

5th Chakra (Throat) – If you always regret not telling people what you really want, dress in aquamarine and go buy your own gift then speak your truth and let them know what you’ve done (after all they’ll probably be grateful that you’ve relieved them of that extra job!)

6th Chakra (Third Eye) – Slip into something indigo-colored and ignore that monkey mind, instead utilizing your insight and intuition when deciding what to get that difficult to buy for person.

7th Chakra (Crown) – How about getting all of your loved ones together, dressing in white and having a gift-free Christmas, or doing a Kris Kringle, bringing everyone to a level of sameness can really highlight our universal connectivity to each other?


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