Falling In Love With Yourself…

Falling In Love With Yourself

” Love thyself. First you must shine with positive, high spirited vibrations, and be full of love. In order to do that, I think it is important to love, thank and respect yourself. ” Masuro Emoto

Self-love, how do we define this? Is it “love of self” or “regard for one’s own happiness or advantage”? Self-love has both been conceptualized as a basic human necessity and as a moral flaw, akin to vanity and selfishness, synonymous with amour proper, conceit, egotism, and conceitedness.

Love is inside you. Love is within you. The greatest love of all is to love yourself. However, in order to love others, you must truly and deeply love yourself – unconditional love. Self-love plays a role in the relationships we have with others, the way we treat them will be reflected within the quality of the relationships. It is of great importance to understand the correlation of how self-love affects the love that we give as well as the love that we receive.

The more love you give to yourself the more love you can give to others and in turn the more love you will attract from others. Let’s take a moment to reflect on a  relationship that has failed and not progressed as planned. You should not question your worthiness of being loved by another. You know deep within how much you are worth and because the relationship failed, this doesn’t mean that in the near future you won’t have the opportunity to attain the love you deserve.

Which person may I ask knows you the best, inside and out? The answer, of course, is YOU! If you don’t know how to be happy with yourself then you really cannot expect the relationship to keep you constantly happy. This is a lot of uncalled pressure and quite unfair. Ultimately this can ruin a relationship. You lose yourself by trying to keep your partner happy but have sacrificed your own self-love along the way. Something to think about.

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Tips for more self-love

By treating yourself with little or no respect you are opening the gates for others to do the same. Give yourself a standard and love yourself. The more self-love you have, the less time and patience you will have for negativity, disrespect and toxic relationships that are definitely not worth wasting your valuable time and effort.

How important is it to have the right people in your life? Very important. Some friends who act like they are all loving and caring, then the minute they leave you they are being nasty and saying things that are not true. They seem happy for you when you have success but deep down they don’t want to see you shine. Have faith in yourself and stop wasting energy on people who really don’t wish any happiness for you.

As humans we all make mistakes. This is just part of life. However, we punish ourselves instead of taking it on-board and learning from it. After all, we are not perfect. Try to be less hard on yourself and do not think of this as a failure. In fact, if you have walked away learning something from this and grown from your mistake, then the lesson was truly worth it. It’s life. Take it all on board.

How to love

Love with meaningful intentions, live a healthy life and make decisions that support this. You should be proud of your successes and accomplishments. You will love yourself even more because you have achieved what you set out to do. Love yourself by nourishing your body, soul, and mind. The right nutrients, exercise, mindset and social well-being all go hand-in-hand. Your body is your temple – respect, nurture, love and care for it.  Eating disorders and mental illness have been linked to a lack of self -love.

Take care of your body like gold. We only have one and its the only place we have to live. Accept your strengths and weaknesses. Accept the good and bad habits you have. Acknowledgement and acceptance is the first step toward removing negative behaviors. In this universe, we can only find one unique YOU!

Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You are capable of making changes as long as your mindset and heart are set at accomplishing this. Sit and visualize the desired outcomes. Positive affirmations play such an impact on reframing your mind. Read your affirmations daily, at least two to three times a day.

An affirmation on self-love just before bedtime

I offered my best self today, 

It doesn’t matter if I did everything perfectly,

The day is now in the past and I will let it be,

I have the power to make tomorrow a great day, 

I will feed my strength with sleep,

Tomorrow I can grow further.

Express gratitude for the person you are. Feel a sense of gratitude at the fact that you are alive and well and capable of making a difference in your life. Only you can achieve this. You can only love a person as much as you love thyself. The more self-love you have for yourself, then the better prepared you will be and encourage others to express themselves in the same way. You will actually attract people that support your own well-being and are looking out for you. Keep the love going. You are beautiful inside and out.

“Becoming free is not changing into someone you think you should be. Becoming free is falling in love with who you are – right now.”  – Unknown Author


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Mishel Bratsos


I am a beauty therapist and makeup artist, I have studied yoga and meditation and currently completing nursing studies.

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