Facing The Shadows

2018 is a 2 year in numerology.  Cooperation, balance, harmony, partnership, and union with self and the other are in focus. Heavily weighted toward relationships, the energy of 2018 will bring to the surface any issues that block union and partnership. Of course, partnership is the very thing that causes us to grow the most. It is also the playing field where our fears get triggered the most. This is the perfect time to focus on purification, clearing and facing the inner shadows. In order to succeed, we must purge all the old trash and unconscious programs we are walking with. It’s a time of crisis if you are not willing to face the shadows.

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The Importance of Shadows

Shadows are the fears, beliefs and programs that were unconsciously accepted from childhood, that continued on. In order to thrive as a Spiritual being and evolve to a higher level of understanding, we must face the very things that are holding us back. The only way to go beyond your shadows is to shine a light on them. You can’t hide from them, ignore them hoping they will just go away. Ignoring the inner shadows will only serve to give them power. You gain power when you face them. When you dig deep and find your fears, beliefs and programs that are false, you are able to discharge all mental, emotional and even physical energy tied to them.

Move Beyond the Shadows

Planetary energy is set to intensify this need to find out what is hiding under the surface of your consciousness. The more you avoid facing it, the more chaos ensues in your life. The purpose is to give you the wisdom and knowledge of what is lurking in the shadows. Once you identify the hidden blocks and limitations within, you will be able to move beyond them and dump the trash they’ve created in your life.

We will never stop growing, learning, evolving. The more you take on the role of being the detective in your own life, looking for the hidden information, the easier your life will become. Some may try and tell you that it is better to ignore the shadows. If you do, it only serves to suppress them and you are inadvertently allowing the shadows energy to build. Avoidance and denial is a pointless endeavor. In order to clear, purify and purge, it’s absolutely necessary to face your fears head-on. Once you do, you are liberated and able to express your authentic self.


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