5 Ethical & Sustainable Approaches To Your Lifestyle…

5 Ethical & Sustainable Approaches To Your Lifestyle

It’s not only the fashion and design trends that change over time. Keeping up with the latest trends in all the departments is equally important, and a trend that’s definitely been growing in popularity is being ethical and sustainable, with many people jumping on the bandwagon and doing whatever they can to keep this little planet healthy and a good place to live in. But many do not actually know what being ethical and sustainable means and how to achieve this. If you want to be such a person, take a look at the most important things that you need to bear in mind, as green is not only recycling plastic and paper.

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1) Zero waste

One of the most important ideas of being ethical and sustainable is encouraging zero waste. What does this mean? First of all, it’s very important to actually pay attention to recycling – dividing your trash into separate piles – one for plastic containers, another one for metal and the third one for paper – is a good way to start. However, it’s also very important to know which of the products that you use can be substituted with a reusable option. Drinking plenty of water during the day is, for example, necessary, so it’s always better to have a reusable bottle than purchasing plastic bottles several times a day. Having shampoo bars is also quite popular nowadays, only due to the fact that we’ll get rid of many shampoo bottles that we throw away on a monthly basis.

2) Animal cruelty

This might be a cause that you’re advocating but bear in mind that animal cruelty plays a big role in being ethical. In order to support this, make sure that you’re using products that were made without being cruel to animals – this is very important in the cosmetics department. Namely, always try to find products that were not tested on animals, nor harmed them in any possible way.

If you want to become a vegetarian or vegan, this is also an option, as there are plenty of options to get your daily proteins from fruit, vegetables, and different supplements. Finally, if you have a garden, why not try and make it more bee-friendly?

3) The importance of materials

The choice of materials can tell a lot about a brand, and the choice of those particular brands can tell a lot about you, as well. There are plenty of options in which you can become more sustainable without even realizing it. For example, always opt for bamboo toothbrushes as they are better for the environment – the use of plastic is minimal.

Speaking of bamboo, this is also a great material that many people use in fashion and the production of different textiles. There are plenty of brands on the market from which you can buy bamboo towels or bed sheet sets. Going for brands that use recycled materials is always the best choice.

4) Sustainability in fashion

Speaking of fashion, it’s not only your towels or bed sheets that should be made out of recycled materials or bamboo. There are some very sustainable materials, such as wool or bamboo, and the clothes made from these two materials are long-lasting and very high-quality. The most important thing is that they are always very breathable and organic so you won’t be sweating a lot and they will last you for a longer period of time.

If you opt for bamboo clothes, the chances of bacteria crawling into your jumper are minimal due to a special, antibacterial ability of bamboo. Finally, organic clothing has special, thermo-controlling qualities, which means that you can wear it during any season without being extremely hot or cold. Some brands, such as Birkenstock, invest in ecologically-sound and sustainable materials which helped the brand get voted as the “World’s Most Animal-Friendly Shoe Company” in the Libby Awards 2018.

5) Ethical skincare

Apart from making sure that your skincare products are animal cruelty-free, you also need to see whether they are healthy for your body and your skin. If you use the right natural ingredients, you will protect your skin from sun damage in a better way, prevent other irritations and can clear up breakouts in a more efficient way. Bear in mind that 60% of what’s applied to your skin becomes directly absorbed, so knowing what’s in the tube of lotion that you just bought matters a lot.

Commercial body care and beauty products can certainly affect our immune system, mood, and even our reproductive system if we don’t pay special attention. This means that we are not only helping the environment but our general health as well.

Yes, being green, ethical and sustainable is very important. Even though it’s a trend, it’s an important one that you should advocate. So pay attention to the materials that you use – always ask yourself if there’s an alternative, bear in mind what you’re wearing and what’s in your skincare products.


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