Enneagram: What’s Your Number?…

Enneagram: What’s Your Number?

You can tell a lot about a person from a very young age. Our individual personalities shine through before the time we can communicate our wants and needs. Newborns can be stubborn, loving or have a gentle demeanor that shows in the way they move or cry. Some believe your personality is predetermined before birth and occurs during development while in the womb.

Understanding your personality traits and how you can use them to better yourself and use them to benefit your growth is a valuable tool. You can do so by taking an Enneagram test to evaluate where you reside on the nine-pointed symbol. In Greek, Ennea is known as “nine” and Gramma as “drawing.” This symbol defines the nine different personality traits that reside within each person. However, each person leans more heavily into different areas within the symbol, typically into one particular area over any others.

The Enneagram of Personality helps you to understand more about yourself and your personality. It can be used as a tool for self-awareness that can lead to an enlightenment regarding your path of career focus and personal relationship management.

If you are finding you are unsatisfied with your current career, perhaps apply what you know about your personality after taking the Enneagram test to help redirect your efforts. It is never too late to change your career and find a career that better suits your skills and strengths. If you are a type 2, it would be in your best interest to find a job that enables you to nurture others, such as a nurse or a social worker, to feel fulfilled at the end of your workday. If you are a type 7, you might look for ways to work remotely while traveling to appease your adventurous soul.

By knowing your partner’s Enneagram number, it can empower you to be aware of their faults and feed their strengths. You can surprise them by giving them the perfect birthday or anniversary gift that is catered to what they value the most. You will also be able to meet them at their level by keeping in mind their triggers and fears when having heated debates.

Each of these points of the Enneagram have a correlating number and name. The following are brief descriptions of what you can expect from each of the nine personality types:

The Reformer: Ones often known as perfectionists who have their sights set on improvement in all realms of their life. They strive for balance and serenity in their world but often are met with feelings of disappointment that can result the individual being quick to anger and self-criticism.

The Helper: Twos are those kind of people who will give the shirts right off their backs to others — sometimes to a fault. They have a high desire to feel needed and are extremely loyal to those they hold dear. They have the tendency to be prideful and possessive, as well as overly generous.

The Achiever: Threes are often found in executive positions due to their commitment to hard work and competitive nature. This does not always have to be career oriented, as these personality types strive to be the best in whatever situation they find themselves to be in. They are constantly seek validation and are very concerned about their self image.

The Individualist: Fours are the theatrical type and are prone to being overly dramatic and expressive. They consider themselves to be unique and pride themselves on this, sometimes feeling the need to prove it to others as well. They are the most sensitive of the Enneagram and as a result can be temperamental when they feel attacked or hurt.

The Investigator: Fives enjoy scenarios that make them think, and they spend their free time in observance. They cherish their solitude and lean towards a more secretive existence. Their passion to decipher the world around them empowers them with vast knowledge about many different topics.

The Loyalist: Sixes are focused on building a life oriented around commitment and security. They have a slight fear of the unknown and have an anxious side that doesn’t seem to ever truly go away, no matter how relaxed. They are typically open about their need for support and guidance and don’t shy away from offering it to others.

The Enthusiast: Sevens are the shaken bottle of champagne that is at every party. They are fun, loving, versatile and distracting. They are on the hunt for pleasure and adventure in every aspect of their lives: work, life, and love. Their high energy levels and ability to be easily distracted can leave them feeling restless and disoriented at times.

The Challenger: Eights won’t back down from a good debate. They are strong-willed, self-confident and emit an air of power and domination unlike any of the other types. Their desire to be in control can often leave them feeling the need to control others.

The Peacemaker: Nines seek out ways to appease all in the group and maintain a state of harmonious peace. They shy away from conflict and try their best to go with the flow as much as possible. In an attempt to keep the peace, they may seem aloof or checked out of conversations more often than not.

Take the opportunity to learn more about yourself by finding out what your Enneagram number is. You can make it part of a date night with your partner or a team building activity at work to learn more about one another. Learning more about your personality type may be the key to unlocking an understanding of how to help yourself succeed, relax and communicate better in the future.


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