5 Tips To Enjoy The Present Moment…

5 Tips To Enjoy The Present Moment

Do you find yourself concerned too often about the past or future? How often are you able to let go and absorb yourself in the present moment? While distant issues weigh us down from time to time, wouldn’t it be overly satisfying to learn how to simply live in, and hopefully enjoy, the present moment? If you’re having trouble, here are 5 ways to learn how to enjoy the present moment:

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Adopt a Carefree Attitude

While all social engagements don’t allow us to let loose entirely, wouldn’t it be nice if we gave ourselves permission to kick back with a less controlling attitude? Adopting a carefree attitude on a night out with a loved one or on a date with closer friends, for example, could allow you to enjoy the present moment, freeing uneasiness, and capitalizing on enjoyment. Try it out, and perhaps it could save you from some unneeded fret.

Reverse Your Roles

When you feel like it might be hard to live in the present moment, think for a second about what might train your mind to attend to the present conversation, perhaps by reversing your roles. What would I want him/her to say to me? If you’d want to be asked the question, then why not ask it yourself? Returning to the present conversation by displaying such respect and empathy for the other person, in turn displaying your communication and understanding skills, is a great way to be in the present moment. At the same time, you can feel somewhat confident you’re making a quality connection.

Engage in Deliciously Positive Self-Talk

Engaging in positive self-talk can keep your spirits higher than average, especially in the present moment. For example, consciously being grateful often is one of the ways you can enjoy positivity and happiness more often. Further, learning the art of positive self-talk can help you create and reach new goals by the motivation it generates. Why not try it? And eventually, with positive self-talk, often what will happen is the pathways in your brain feel primed towards experiencing positive emotions more often.

Acknowledge all the Different Emotions in Yourself and in Others

As humans, we each feel a wide array of emotions. When we acknowledge emotions in ourselves and verbally or non-verbally in others, we demonstrate that we see value in and understand ourselves and others. Try to acknowledge feelings, listen, and be there for yourself, first, and then for others. Expressing understanding in this way can be very liberating, releasing baggage from your shoulders and allowing meaningful connections to take place with so many others. And again, it will help you to experience the rich benefits of being present. Just try it out.

Strive to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

In order to get the most from and be in the present, our physical and mental selves need to be nourished and treated well. Part of this comes with leading a healthy lifestyle, by eating and sleeping well and hopefully exercising. Another part comes with being a part of social engagements and maintaining well-off connections. Try to keep these in check, and you’ll get even more from the present moment.

Certainly, this is not an exclusive list for how to enjoy the present moment, but it is a worthwhile start. Why not test these tips out and hopefully see the return on investment!


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