Where There Is Emptiness, There Is Grace…

Where There Is Emptiness, There Is Grace

“Where there is emptiness, there is grace.”

Let this sentence sink in for a moment. I read this the other day and I couldn’t help but think of the paradoxical truth this statement holds.

For me, it means 2 things:

  1. When the mind is empty and clear, there’s a sense of focus and peace that brings you to a state of mindfulness, devours your absolute presence, drawing all your awareness to this very moment.
  2. When every sphere of your life seems to be working against you, when it feels like there’s nothing going right and an emptiness accompanies your mornings, afternoons and nights, there’s a hidden treasure called emancipation waiting to be dug out beneath some debilitating thoughts and feelings. Under this view, quite opposite of the first one, the mind is anything but empty, with several (mainly negative) thoughts firing at the same time.

The first point above is quite straightforward, clear your mind and the rest follows. The not-so-straightforward part about it though is how to clear one’s mind. There isn’t a 1 size fits all approach to this puzzle that many millennials seek to solve. Some people struggle for years on end to find the peace that has existed within them all along, some design and practice a rigid daily routine that involves one or more of the following (this is my personal way of clearing my own mind):

  • Exercise
  • Eating-well
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Mental stimulation

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Become aware of your environment

Some consume themselves with their purpose (helping people, bettering their community, taking care of their family, climbing the corporate ladder, expanding their knowledge, etc). Like I said, there isn’t one formula that works for everyone.

If you’re looking to find your purpose yet find yourself struggling with its discovery, start by taking note of the moments, actions, conversations, the type of people, and the environments you’re surrounded by that bring you joy (I don’t mean happiness here but rather a feeling of pure contentment), the ones that contribute to your mental & spiritual fulfillment, the ones that result in growth, gratitude, and most importantly calmness. It’s in these situations that you can come closer to and understand your purpose because this is where you feel most alive, most present, and most congruent.

Wholeness is our sense of being, fragmentation is everything we are not, therefore where there is disconnection there is turbulence, and where there is turbulence, there is hope. This brings me to the second point I highlighted above. When you feel like nothing is going the way you want it to, when your emotions are running high, when your thoughts are your own worst enemy, God/the universe/a greater force (whatever you believe in) is protecting you and guiding you. Why you may ask? Because your inner & higher self is asking you to:

  • Sit with yourself, understand what’s genuinely going on inside of you, what’s happening beneath your ego, beneath what society is asking of you, what is going on underneath the hurt and anger and frustration? You can do this alone or you can seek help, but I urge you to take time for yourself because chances are you may come face to face with unhealed parts of yourself that are disguised as your reality today. And if your reality is painted with emotions that hurt you or actions that do not serve you, then you are super lucky because you have a chance and the responsibility to take care of yourself and change your current state.
  • Stop resisting. Submit, accept, trust your phase right now. Resistance takes presence away. As we resist, we either hold onto something that once was or something that can be – but in between past and future, there is the now. The now is where the magic lies, the now is where you are living. The now is what you can grab. You cannot change what once was, nor can you force what can be. The light here is that you can stir your present moment into whichever direction you want, and that is why you shouldn’t resist but rather accept the good and the bad within and outside of you. While the good grounds you, the bad guides you to come back to yourself.
  • Rise. As you rise, you no longer want. You become the sun lighting everything you come close to. Your focus switches from what lies outside of you to what lies within you. Gratitude lives there, harmony lives there, acceptance thrives there. Rise in your ashes, rise in your struggle, rise in your emptiness. Nothing else is left but you.

Where there is an emptiness there’s grace because there’s you.


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