Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Darkness…

Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Darkness

Darkness can be a hard thing to accept. Whether that darkness comes in the form of a bad mood, negative emotion, or a difficult time in our life, we get uncomfortable. Uneasy. Fearful. Anxious. Because of this, we ignore it, deny it, or shove it down into the deepest part of ourselves hoping it’ll just go away. But, this never works. The Universe makes sure of it. What you resist persists. Why does the Universe create this law? Because the Universe is looking out for us. For the evolution of our Soul and this darkness is here to teach us.

Darkness is simply an absence of light. The darkness, whatever form it takes, is an opportunity for you to illuminate. Go within, to the deepest part of Soul, and tap into the force and energy of your light. These are the times our greatest lessons are learned. You can’t appreciate the light if you haven’t experienced the dark. Embrace it. Speak to it. Question it. And then, transform it. Transform the darkness into light.

At this point, you may be cheering me on like ‘Yes! I get it!’ but maybe you’re a little confused on the how-to part. You’re not alone. And let me start by saying, every soul’s journey is just that, their journey. There are many roads to healing and transforming darkness to light. What works for one may not work for another. But I will share with you here three sure-fire ways to get comfortable with darkness so you can learn your Soul lesson and then, in an alchemical way, transform darkness to light.

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Be Still

We have to be still. In stillness, we find inspiration, intuition, and guidance. Many ancient religions, belief systems, and traditions teach about being still, being with nature, and spending time in meditation and contemplation. In the Christian Bible, there’s a passage that says…’Be still and know that I am God’ (Psalm 46:10). This sentence is powerful even if it simply read…’Be still and know’. We have to allow ourselves to just BE. It is only then that we hear the whispers of our soul and begin to understand the ‘why’ of certain situations and a clearer picture of our lesson begins to emerge. Give yourself time to BE with the darkness. Observe your emotions and reactions to the situation. Under that witnessing awareness, there’s a message. But in order to hear it, you must be still.


As you become still and witness the situation, do so without judgment. Resist the urge to say it is good or bad. The moment you decide something is good or bad you create angst, guilt, or ego. You may not like the situation and want to change it. That’s okay. But do so without judging it. It is what is it. Acknowledge (without judgment), identify what you’d like instead, and then create change. That’s it.


Movement is medicine. Truly! And during times of self-discovery, trauma, and release we need to move more than ever. There are a lot of emotions, memories, and energy being generated during times of transformation and we must move that energy. We can’t allow it to get stagnant and remain in the physical, mental, or emotional body or it will reappear in our lives. We release it through movement. I don’t care if it’s running, dancing, Taekwondo, or Yoga. Just move.

Again, there are many ways to traverse through dark times and everyone’s path is different. But I believe these three are Universally powerful whether you practice them alone or with your own tools. Remember, you are a powerful BEING OF LIGHT.


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