The Effects Of Negative And Positive Words On You And On Others…

The Effects Of Negative And Positive Words On You And On Others

Words are extremely powerful: the power of positive words expressed with a sincere positive inner intent will have the strength to heal a broken heart. Similarly, words which are expressed with a negative intent and spoken harshly have the potential of destroying even the most solid relationships. Indeed, wars have been waged based on mere words and miracles have manifested because of insightful utterances.

Words are pervasive and integral to communication in modern life and the pursuit of harmonious relationships. Communicating with each other is an essential aspect of living. We converse with people who are very close to us, people at work, school, and friends. Thus, it is important to understand and appreciate the power of words to enable you to live life happily.

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The power of speech from a spiritual perspective

While there has been a huge amount of literature devoted to the power of positive words, it is important to understand speech from a spiritual perspective. To avoid unpleasant and hurtful speech, and to improve your speech, you can ask for strength from the Spirit within you, every day:

“Dearest Lord! Give me infinite inner strength not to speak, cause someone to speak, nor encourage anyone to speak any harsh or hurtful language towards any living being, even to the slightest extent. If someone speaks in a harsh and hurtful language, please give me the strength to speak softly and kindly in response.”

By reciting this every day, your speech will improve.

Every utterance you make has a ripple effect on others. If you ensure your words are positive, pleasant, and kind irrespective of the circumstances then you will feel at peace and so will those around you. However, if you utter words with no inner sincerity, then the effect of those words will backfire! People will see through you and mistrust you. The reason for this is that others can sense you do not harbor any ill will towards them because your words emit vibrations of your inner intent towards them. Understanding this will even turn enemies into best friends!

How to communicate

Thus, the key to communicating words are ensuring they are:

  • Spoken with sincere inner intent – not to flatter someone falsely but instead out of a heartfelt desire to respect others
  • Spoken not out of ego, but instead spoken to a fellow soul
  • Even when you are speaking to yourself, be positive. All too often the mind will look for the negatives. Ignore this and instead look at all situations with a positive intent underlying three key motives: not to hurt people by thought, speech, or deed
  • Each of us has gone through times when we’ve said something we didn’t mean to, so you should give the benefit of the doubt to others also. They might say something they did not actually mean, so don’t hold every word they say against them. Show forgiveness and humility to others.

Thus, if your child is always on the computer playing games or surfing the net and if you constantly nag him with “Stop wasting your life, when will you see sense? Why don’t you put your energies into your studies instead of the screen?” Then you will have a very negative impact. He will start to believe what you keep saying and slowly his mind will start to decline.

Instead, converse with him with sincerity, unwavering love, compassion, and understanding. Overall, make your words inspiring and encouraging.

Effects of harsh words

By uttering words that are hurtful or harsh you will create conflicts, differences of opinions, and resentment. These conflicts will be carried forward into your next life where they will lead to more vengeance and misery.

Using adversarial words such as, “You don’t understand, or you don’t know anything” can have a long-term impact. They create knowledge-obscuring karma — related to general and spiritual knowledge — and will have a very damaging effect on you. Instead, use inclusive solution-based words like, “Let me help you understand” or “let me show you”. By saying it in this way, you will bind positive karma and forge good relationships, free off negative influence.

Thus, words have a tremendous influence in this world. They not only shape your current life but your future life as well. Speech is forged entirely by your inner intent. Try to maintain a desire to speak in a manner that does not leave behind scars that cannot be erased for hundreds of lifetimes. Try to speak in a manner which does not break people’s hearts or binds vengeance and conflict. For once you gain the true insight of speech, you start the first step in attaining ultimate liberation.


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