7 Easy Steps To Make Your Future Vision Today’s Reality…

7 Easy Steps To Make Your Future Vision Today’s Reality

How many times have we seen and heard about the story of the embattled artist, musician, entrepreneur or a creative who lurches on in abject poverty, struggling in the garret, only to be discovered and have their creations or brilliant ideas sell for millions after they die? Only until they’re long gone are they hailed as visionaries and creators.

It’s a stereotype that, unfortunately, is all too real. We see out-of-work actors waiting tables, pumping gas and waiting for their big break. They’re relocating to expensive cities purely because they believe that’s where their big break will be and that’s where they think the money is. Few succeed and most go into other jobs or professions, while always harboring that futile desire they had to be creative.

What if I could disrupt that notion of reality and debunk that myth? It’s not enough to set goals without a clear vision in your mind of exactly what you want. Take the example of my client Ale.

When Ale came to me for assistance, she was in an exceptionally competitive career niche, one that expected her to be at the top of her game for twelve, fourteen or even, sixteen hours per day. She was caught up in the world of trying to advance her career with job titles and monetary rewards. However, she was directionless and unhappy. Ale’s original passion was dance. She had been ‘talked out’ of dance as a career and lifestyle by her parents who couldn’t see a future, for that ‘nice, comfortable’ life in dance. Ale had become a workaholic and was burnt out. After she accepted that she was simply following a system and not her true purpose, she reconnected with the world of dance, rekindled her passion and now has built a business that she loves, helping to connect people with their passions….and yes, she is still dancing.

Here are seven easy steps I often recommend clients in similar situations.

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1) Lock in your big-picture reality, and don’t get lost in the details

Be very clear about what you want, crystal clear, then go beyond the big picture and amplify the vision. Just don’t get distracted. Our unconscious mind continually throws us obstacles. It’s what our brains are hardwired to do as a primitive, self-preservation instinct. Be clear that you are connected to your vision and can dispel any doubts or negativity. Tell yourself, “This is my reality,” and be dedicated to achieving and living it.

2) Commit

We actually all get what we tolerate. Condition yourself to the commitment and fully participate in the process. It’s a relationship. There’s a saying in business that “convenience and commission don’t live on the same street.” You have to show up because you don’t get paid for what you daydream about, you get paid for what you commit to.

3) Be aware of what’s stopping you

It’s natural to have blocks, limitations, fears, and uncertainties when stepping outside of your comfort zone. We tell ourselves that we’ll do the bigger thing right after we get “this” or “that” in order, like when the kids finish school or when the house is paid off. Prevent yourself from getting lost in your continuous limitations. Refuse to give them airtime. This is self-sabotaging and projecting limiting beliefs. This is what is keeping you small.

4) Call in a higher version of yourself

If you have that vision of being a successful artist, entrepreneur, actor, musician, business guru or creative, then be your vision. Act it, breathe it and know it. What does it look like? How does it talk? How does it act? Grow to be this higher version of yourself. If you pull in the highest version of yourself, the world will reflect it back to you.

5) Tap into your inspiration daily

Don’t wait for the inspiration to look you up. The muse won’t come to you, you have to track it down. Go and find that inspiration each day. It’s as simple as going for a walk and observing the world and the people in it. Journal your thoughts daily. When you practice this new belief system, things will start to shift around you.

6) Focus on having positive relationships

Apply the “more fountains, less drains” philosophy to your environment. What’s most important to you? Are the people you surround yourself with supportive of that? Do they bring positivity? Associate with like-minded and progressive thinkers who are part of your tribe. Positive relationships will raise your energy.

7) Take a massive, daily, aligned action

Get absolutely clear on what the big picture really looks like, then get aligned with your big picture and your vision. Each day, move progressively toward this reality.

Practice these seven steps daily, and you will change your internal wiring. You’ll notice things start to shift around you. After a while, it will become easy, and you can expand your vision further until it becomes even bigger than the big picture. Your goal and your vision will become your new normal and you will project this confidence and self-belief on those around you. It will become your standard. Then, you’re on your way to becoming a powerful creative entrepreneur. You can use this mindset in each and every area of your life to improve your finances, relationships, business development, and fitness.

And remember,

You absolutely can have it all!

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