The 9 Best Succulents For Beginners…

The 9 Best Succulents For Beginners

Succulents are a cutting-edge decorative addition to any home. This business enterprise of plant life offers infinite color variations, further to low safety options for your indoor space. Most plant life needs a wet environment to survive, but succulents are able to store water for longer periods of time. This cap potential makes succulents practical to expand within the dry and warmer conditions usually positioned within the home.

Succulent plants are great for beginners to plant life. Coming in pretty shapes, sizes, and textures, succulents have an exciting quality. Here are six succulents which are easy to grow indoors.

Jade Plant

Its scientific name is crassula ovata. The plant is famous for its ability to bring money and fame to one’s house. It requires medium to low light conditions and well-drained soil for its survival. It is considered a symbol of good luck and people prefer growing jade plants in their homes and offices.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera belongs to the genus Aloe of succulent plant species. The plant is famous for its extract which is used in cosmetics, skin lotions, body care products, and ointments. The plant’s extract is thick inside its fleshy leaves which store water inside it. It is also a drought-prone plant that can survive droughts and has widely been cultivated as an ornamental plant and medicinal plant.

A common variety of allowed growing is Aloe vera Chinensis, Aloe haworthii , Tiger tooth aloe, Aloe aristata etc .


The largest genus of succulent plants is the most common for a plant parent. These are evergreen plants that contain colored leaves with water stored inside them. The plant required low light and low water conditions. Water the plant once the soil dries completely from the top so to avoid the condition of rotting in the plant by overwatering. Genus sempervivum commonly called as “hens and chicks” due to numerous offsets produced by it is often confused with the genus echeveria because both look similar.

Spider plant

Chlorophytum cosmos commonly called spider plants are one of the easiest to grow plants. The plant features spider-like leaves called spiderattes, from the mother plant like a spider from a web. The propagation of plants can be done easily through the division of mother plants or by planting small baby spiders. The plant commonly prefers well-drained soil with an ample amount of moisture content in it. Generally, the problem of brown leaf tips is seen in the plant which will not harm the plant but as a result of fluoride found in water which is a result of excessive salt build-up and can be easily drained up by leaching.

Laxmi Kamal

A popular house plant is known for its hard structure and beautiful shades. It is a perfect plant for the office at the house desk. It is easy to grow and propagate due to the rose at coming out of the mother plant you can plant them in soil and see the plant start to grow within a few weeks of planting. The plant has a name in Bhagavad Gita and signifies Renaissance. It also represents Goddess Lakshmi which is the goddess of wealth and is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to one’s house. It does not need regular watering since its leaves can store an ample amount of water and thrive best in the shade and indirect sunlight.

According to Vastu Shastra if the plant is kept in the northeast direction it can remove all Vastu dosh, so it has religious importance. The plant is in demand during the Diwali season for keeping in the temple for goddess Lakshmi.

Crassula Thrysiflora

Flora is a perennial succulent that has pink color leaves which also turn red during the winters. The flower is about 6 mm in diameter and the plant dies after flowering. It is advisable to put the cuttings of the plant and propagated by them for the best quality multiplication. The plant is easy to grow and maintain. Variation comes with the amount of sunlight the plant get. Plant abundantly in summers and reduce the water in the winter. Suitable for containers and beautiful for Rock garden.

Crassula Ovata Gollum

It is a succulent plant representing horse toe. The plant can grow up to 3 feet in height and 2 feet wide. Symbol of good luck plant that looks great when kept in a container. Sunlight requirement is necessary for 4 hours per day for the plant and should be kept away from the scorching heat. Watering in the plant should be done when the soil is completely dry and make sure not to water the plant since it is one of the major causes of the root rotten plants. Distilled water or filtered water is recommended in this plant because it is quite sensitive for the salts in tap water.

Echeveria peacockii (bluebird)

The plant belongs to the succulent family Crassulaceae commonly called as echeveria dementia. The flower is pink in color and the plant is native to Mexico. They cannot tolerate too much sunlight and our best grow in shade with well-drained soil. The growth of a plant is very fast and requires bright sunlight to prevent stretching which results in a form of unhealthy plant.

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