The Eagles Is My Zen Music…

The Eagles Is My Zen Music


People have been relaxing with the help of music for thousands of years. Music has fed our souls, linked our brains to our emotions, and milked our creative juices in a way that no singular outlet can match.

For many, music is a part of our daily lives, just like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For some, that is not the case. Busy work schedules, parenting, and for some, even talk radio, has squeezed the music vitamin out of our daily allowance of nutrition. Maybe it’s time to reconnect?

When we think of meditation music, we usually think of nature scapes, classical, or maybe even religious chants. That’s not for me, sorry. If I need to lower my blood pressure, I listen to the Eagles.

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Why the Eagles?

A while back, I woke up to the unpleasant surprise of dog vomit by my bed. After I sopped up that mess, I hit my morning shower. My shower head then decided it wasn’t going to deliver much water. While messing with the knobs and nozzle, I bent over and cracked my head on some bathroom tile.

I saw stars. My day was starting off poorly. My wife heard me deliver, to this day, the longest string of cuss words I have ever uttered. I toweled off in the foulest of moods, irritated beyond description.

While I was finishing my morning routine, and yes I believe I nicked myself shaving, my wife turned on the music channels through our bedroom television, classic rock. At that moment, Take it Easy and its cool vibes and melody filled the room. The song washed over me. Without even thinking about it, I started singing right along with the music. In my mind, it was as if I was the one stranded on that corner in Winslow, Arizona.

I was singing and smiling, and my wife started laughing. Never had someone gone from wanting to punch a wall to joyous chorus so quickly. Tell me music doesn’t affect the body. That moment stuck with me. Perhaps it was the combination of the music itself or the great place that song transported me, but that song snapped me out of a very cranky disposition. Whatever happened, it was real. And powerful. I had discovered my Zen music. It was a valuable lesson. Turn on the Eagles, chill, and I’d be better for it afterward. Isn’t that what Zen music is supposed to do?  So I’ll listen to the Eagles, preferably on 8-track because my 1978 Camaro had an 8-track tape player in it, when I feel like it. And sometimes when I need it.

Here’s hoping you find your Zen music and do the same. Until next time, take it easy. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)


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Bill Flanigin

Bill Flanigin is a writer, teacher, speaker, and lover of rock n’ roll music. He lives in Denton, Texas with…

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