Dollar-Stretching Valentine’s Day Celebrations For Singles…

Dollar-Stretching Valentine’s Day Celebrations For Singles

Are you flying solo this Valentine’s Day? As a holiday intended for celebrating love and affection, the timing is perfect to treat yourself to something special. Here are some ideas to consider that may feel indulgent but won’t overthrow your budget.

One Big Thing

Is there something that caught your eye over the holiday season but other obligations prevented you from picking it up? You might be surprised to learn some experts feel that gifting yourself something special offers a dual advantage — you not only enjoy the psychological pleasure of giving but also receiving. With that in mind, get yourself that just-out-of-reach present you set your heart on! Whether it’s an addition to your wardrobe, a new kitchen gadget, a home decor item, or a tech-oriented treat, that something special you can’t forget about can be yours. For example, by exploring one or more of Rakuten’s 19 ways to save at Macy’s — whether that’s utilizing free shipping or taking advantage of “one-day” sales — you can get the most bang for your buck and help bring the cost of that item within your grasp.

Better Morning Brew

Little can be more warming than a hot cup of java on a chilly day. What’s more, Healthline points out that coffee offers several potential health benefits, such as boosting energy, enhancing focus, reducing the risk for type 2 diabetes, and protecting your mind from Alzheimer’s disease. Instead of overspending at a fancy coffee shop, or settling for the same old giant can of pre-ground, why not have a great brew shipped straight to your door? Choose a high-quality, sustainability-oriented coffee from New England Coffee Company, which provides delicious, indulgent flavor and at-home convenience. For your ordering ease, you can select your favorite flavors, roasts, grind, and amount, and have it shipped to you regularly. Not only do they have a subscription service, but you can also save 20 percent off your purchase when you enroll. Your coffee arrives automatically each month, and you can change things up at your heart’s content.

Sparkling Clean Home

If you are like many people, keeping up with housekeeping can be a challenge in our busy, on-the-go society. However, Freshome notes that having a clean home offers some surprising perks, like reducing stress levels, improving productivity, better-eating habits, and improved slumber. Rather than knocking yourself out cleaning during your downtime, why not gift yourself the indulgence of a routine cleaning service? You can pass the deep, down, and dirty obligation to someone else while reaping full benefits! Check into a service like Merry Maids, where you can not only subscribe to routine cleanings, but they also offer coupons so it’s easier on your budget.

Big Screen, Good Vibes

Getting out for an evening now and then can be invigorating, and there is something about settling into a movie theater, smelling popcorn, and watching the lights dim and the screen brighten that is more than mildly entertaining. Breaking your routine and enjoying an escape from daily life via the big screen is not only fun, some scientists feel it’s good for your mental health, helping to sort through personal issues, regain perspective, and just take a break from whatever is on your mind. They even have a name for it — “cinema therapy.” So, why not give yourself some routine “cinema therapy” for Valentine’s Day? You can even get a discount online; just check the promotions available from Movie Tickets.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to do something special for yourself. Think about things that will feel good and keep on giving you pleasure for months to come. You can celebrate the uniqueness of you all year long, without overspending.


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