7 Ways To Do Digital Detox That Will Transform Your Life…

7 Ways To Do Digital Detox That Will Transform Your Life

Staying away from your devices might seem to be dreadful at first but it’s important. The constant interaction with the virtual world creates a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety that affects your life in different ways. Also, a digital detox gives you the opportunity to interact with your family and friends and live the present moment.

So, if you want to know more about how to do a digital detox and how the same affects your life in a positive way, read on.

1. Take Control

So it is high time that you should take the command in your hands. Start by downloading a phone usage app, and let the phone help you to limit your daily usage. It’s not tricky, it is just an application on your phone, which helps you to track down how much you use your phone daily and how much you actually need to use. It also helps you to limit your time to spend on the phone, obviously. It’s not hard as it seems, lower the usage for your own good to two hours, like in totally.

2. Keep it at Home

It is not that hard, we’re sure you can do it. Remember the last week’s diet plan, how well you did it. This time it is about the phone and you just need to get rid of it for a few hours. We all take our phones everywhere we go, amazing we should. But sometimes it’s good to give it a break, especially if you’re going for a walk or a social gathering. If you can’t, then let it be in your bag or pocket. This helps you to pay more attention to cooler things happening around, and you can focus on the conversation with your pals.

3. Do Not Touch

Well, this one is easy and gives you a lot of time to pamper yourself. You take a pledge of not using your phone after 9 pm, unless and until it is a very urgent call from loved ones. And during the time before going to bed, you can read a book, paint your nails, take a soothing hot bath, read the newspaper, rearrange your closet or rooms, meditate, or indulge in some long lost hobbies. Trust us, you’ll feel way better. It is also suggested by research to stop the usage of the phone one hour before bed, and you experience a night of restful sleep.

4. De-clutter your Phone

To maintain your sanity and reduce the constant urge of using the phone, you need to take this step. De-cluttering the phone is important. Do it every three months, starting by deleting useless apps. Remember that recipe app you downloaded but haven’t used once or that diet planner application. We bet you have more than three applications on your phone that you haven’t opened for long. So delete them and get rid of an unnecessary phone notification, plus it also enhances phone performance.

5. Head to a Retreat

Once in a while it is crucial to unwind and relax the body as well as the mind. Heading off to a yoga retreat, be it yoga retreats in Bali, Australia, Costa Rica, etc. gives you the opportunity to forget about everything and focus on your wellness. Majority of the retreats are located in stunning locations and offer a variety of services to cater to your physical and mental wellness. You can take part in yogic activities like asanas, pranayama, meditation, etc. which can bring about a world of change in the way you feel and think. Also, the healthy diet combined with the mindful practices act as the perfect catalyst to give you ultimate peace of mind and relaxation.

6. Don’t Check Your Phone after Waking Up

Majority of people have this habit of checking their phone the moment they open their eyes in the morning. But our advice is you put a stop to this practice. Instead of scrolling through the messages and emails, it’s better to engage yourself in activities that will divert your mind from the device. You can do some yogic exercises like asanas, pranayama and meditation. You can also prepare breakfast in the morning after you finish all your chores before heading off to work. The idea is to spend as much time as possible away from the screen and the best way is to keep yourself engaged in different activities. Also, adopting a healthy morning routine will keep you in good shape both physically and mentally.

7. Embrace the Discomfort

Breaking a habit is not an easy task. It is quite understandable that you will feel discomfort and the urge to check your phone every now and then, but you need to refrain yourself. We humans are tuned to adapt ourselves to different situations and circumstances. Therefore come what may, stick to your resolve and gradually you’ll see that things are getting easier and better. Every time you have the urge to check your phone, tell your mind that ‘not now’. Keep on repeating this for seven days and you’ll see that indeed it isn’t that difficult.

In the present day world of technology and advancements, it is important to give yourself a break from technology once in a while. That would not only make you appreciate life from a different point of view but also give you the opportunity to cherish your present life.


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