The Top 4 Destructive Habits That Ruin Your Body…

The Top 4 Destructive Habits That Ruin Your Body

I’m only 20 years old yet I’m completely guilty of doing the following listed here. I compiled all the destructive habits and I’ll be sharing how I plan to correct them too. Age doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Let’s both fight against these bad habits!

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Not getting enough sleep

Guilty. Insomnia always gets the best of me. There are nights that feel too hot and I can’t sleep. Or the times when ideas and concerns don’t let my mind rest. Sometimes, I knew I had to finish a book. Like last night, I was reading Omega Academy by Lily Archer. Was it my fault the story was so good I had to stay up late?

Yes, indeed. It was my decision to not get some precious sleep. Which is a bad habit most teenagers and young adults do. Sleep is integral to anyone’s health.  It not only keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated, your body repairs itself when you’re asleep. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep a night can improve your immune system, reducing your risk of colds, flu and other illnesses (which is certainly what we want given we’re living in a pandemic-risk world).

Not doing enough exercise

Laziness typically wins! This is especially hard to beat when the pandemic coached our sedentary lifestyle. But do you really want to regret in your late 30s? How you could’ve had the chance to be in shape earlier? Not only is it bad for you physically, but it also doesn’t allow an outlet for your mental stress and anxiety. Exercise keeps your metabolism sharp, your muscles and joints limber and functioning, and detoxes your body through sweat. Our body is a temple we should respect.

Eating processed food

On a busy day, I prefer to eat ramyeon in the morning. The ever quick and easy cup noodles. It’s just faster and convenient, you know? If I’m bored, I also prefer to have chips around while I’m working. Simple intake of sodium, if done everyday, would be very harmful.

Not drinking enough water

If you’re reading this, reach for a glass or a water bottle! As in, right now! Since our bodies are mostly water, drinking water on a regular basis helps our organs function properly. Water can also improve brain function, reducing mental fogginess and tension headaches. Which means it will make you smarter and fresher ideas will wash into your mind! (This one is really necessary for us workers who are constantly drained with ideas.)

Allowing negativity

Our thoughts play a part in our health, too. If you believe in the law attraction, you’d know that whatever you constantly think about will manifest itself to come true. Acknowledge that there will be worst-case scenarios, but don’t settle on the thought that you won’t overcome them. Have faith and be hopeful that you can turn the tide. Your negative thoughts will only destroy you. Some people downplay the importance of laughing and smiling. But both can strengthen your immune system and completely change your outlook on life.

That was the five habits we tend to do. Realize that we can completely change the game and live a fulfilling life. What bad habit do you have that I did not mention above? How would you change it? Cheers for acknowledging and improving our own faults!


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