5 Ways To Deal With Nerves (And Fatigue) When You Have No Choice…

5 Ways To Deal With Nerves (And Fatigue) When You Have No Choice

Being forced to confront our nerves and mental stamina in the time of Coronavirus has many of us wondering what to do. Is there change and uncertainty? Definitely. Does there have to be anxiety? It is absolutely normal to feel anxiety in times of uncertainty. You may feel like you’re cornered with your nerves or you feel more tired than usual. Truth? This is how it is. During each day, however, for many, there is a psychology unfolding — a cycle of reacting to circumstances and then moving on — causing us to bounce back or dig deep in a repetitive fashion.

First, in difficult situations our bodies are primed to react to circumstances — we express anxiousness, sadness, frustration or fear. How? We may cry tears, vent our frustration or shout in anger. After a necessary and healthy expression of emotions, we often secondly embrace the reality of the circumstances before us. When faced with unwanted circumstances, which in the most difficult times is the case, we are forced to focus and persevere. That is how we strengthen our core, and how we dig deep.

Each day, this cycle is likely happening for many of us, repeatedly. When we have no choice in our daily circumstances, we often re-approach reality with a newly sharpened focus, often expanding our gratitude and ultimately endowing us with new strength and vigor. It may not feel like you’re getting stronger, but the cycle of expression and re-approaching life daily gets us to be stronger, without a doubt. Truth? Your strength will show up in due time in various ways. That is the truth of human resilience and perseverance.

The place where some of us might have challenges is if we bury our emotions too deep; without expression, our bodies can reveal physical ailments or severe discomforts. We may have a panic attack, bouts of nightmares, lose sleep, get irritable or experience other multiple effects of trauma and or stress. The key to surviving is letting our emotions out, getting sleep, eating as well as we can and taking care of our hygiene. If you feel like you’re in it alone, or need some tips to just get by daily, see the tips below.

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1. Call or text a friend

If you are feeling very alone during this time, try calling or texting a friend or loved one who is available. Keep in touch so that you feel less alone. If they agree, share your concerns with them.

2. Take a warm or cold shower

If you are able to do so, take a warm (or cold) shower to relieve stress. Medical specialists have claimed benefits for both, some of which include improved brain health, improved sleep, lower cortisol levels, and improved cardiovascular health.

3. Get the sleep you need and stay hydrated

Remember, sleep is particularly important for keeping you healthy in times of stress. Sleeping at a regular time each night can help your biological clock check out and check back in as it needs. Staying hydrated can help prevent headaches and dizziness, also. Drink plenty of fluids, mostly water, to keep yourself feeling strong.

4. Get outside to enjoy the weather

When you can, head outside to enjoy the sun and warmer weather. Nature has a way of taking care of us when we need it to, so finding comfort in outside walks, playing and plants is a great way to curtail nerves and minimize stress.

5. Practice meditation, prayer and or deep breaths

To hope for the best is one thing, however, asking for help and prayer can let us relieve stress that would otherwise sit within us. A higher source of power often enables us to remember we’re not in control, which, in itself is stress-relieving.

These are a few basic ways to keep us persevering in these times of difficulty. And, of course, we must consistently practice social distancing, washing our hands and avoiding touching one’s face.


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