29 Ways To Deal With Frustration

Ask yourself “What is not frustrating me?”

When you are frustrated it may seem like everything is falling apart. However ask yourself, is there something that does not frustrate you? Is there something that is going well? Once you ask yourself these questions, you will find out that not everything is that bad and your world is not falling apart as you perceived it.

No more anger

It is important to understand that anger leads to frustration as well. Besides, being angry can hurt not only ourselves but the others around us. It is important to reduce your anger and check in with yourself on more calm mind because everything will seem not really as it is. For anger management, you can use my tips for faster results.

Stick to positive people

Whether you want to deal with frustration or not, being around good people is always important. You will find out that everyone has their ups and downs and good people will for sure give you a piece of advice on how to deal with your frustration or at least will be there to listen and support. You don’t always have to deal with your problems alone.

Deal with your past

The past plays a big role in our present and future even though we do not notice it at all. If you often have a feeling of frustration when you actually do not see the obvious reason, chances are it’s your past.

Look at yourself from the outside

Imagine your friend or someone around you. What would you do if you saw them being frustrated? Be there to support and somehow help out right? But why you do not do this for yourself? Or imagine your child being frustrated. You would for sure take care of your child right?

If you are ready to be there for your friend in a hard situation, why aren’t you there for yourself? Treat yourself as a little child who need to be taken care of. This perspective will help you to take care of yourself much easier.

Have some fun

I don’t mean to go out and get drunk and wake up next morning feeling the same and just getting rid of problems for a couple of hours. You can go out with friends to a nice bar or cafe, or even a party. Go somewhere where you can just dance, or sing and socialize. You will appreciate more things rather than concentrating on your frustration. However, it is not going to fix anything in the long run.

Transfer it to your body

Another nice way to reduce frustration is to work out. Simple as that. First of all, exercise increases endorphins which increase our happiness level. And besides, you will be more concentrated on your workout and it will be easier to stop overthinking.

Warm bath

This one is my favorite. Just get yourself a nice warm bath, add some nice fragrance oils. You can also light some candles or play music to create a better atmosphere and just relax. Just enjoy the moment and things will feel much better.

Watch something funny

Obviously, it will not fix the problem long term but for short term, it can be really helpful sometimes. Watch some funny videos or a funny movie. Trust me, doesn’t matter how frustrated you are. You will smile at least once and it will already feel so much better.


Meditation is a great way to fix your frustration. There are different ways of going about meditating and you don’t have to be experienced at all. It will help you to change your focus and trust me it works.

Time will cure everything

I know, you must have heard it so many times. But you heard it so many times because it works. You need to remind yourself that all this will go away. And if you already are thinking how to get rid of it, it already proves that with time, things will get better.

Go out into nature

Whether you feel frustrated at this moment or in general, having a good walk outside is always a great idea. Just observe nature and feel the beauty. It’s so calming and it’s so beautiful.

Accept reality

Whether the reason of your frustration is really yourself or someone else, you need to accept the reality as it is. If it’s your fault, accept it. We are all human and we have ups and down. Once you accept that it’s your fault, you can work on yourself to get better. If it’s someone else, accept it as they are human too.

Don’t be perfectionist

This is similar to what I mentioned previously. Don’t be too strict on yourself or others. No one is perfect.

Sleep it off

We may often feel more emotionally down in the evening time because we get tired during the day and we are more vulnerable later in the day. All the frustration you have now may not be rational at all, so it’s better to just go to sleep and think about all this with a fresh and rested mind. You may even forget what you were worried about the previous night.

Appreciate what you have

It’s good to think over what doesn’t frustrate you. And it’s also good to understand what you have and be grateful for it. I don’t mean that you should be willing to have more, but frustration often makes us forget what we already have. Appreciate the food you have, appreciate that one friend or family member. Appreciate your good traits. It’s yours. Don’t let it disappear because of something you don’t have.

You aren’t powerless

Very often when we feel frustrated, it’s because we feel powerless towards the situation and it makes us so angry. It’s important to understand that there is always a way out. You may feel powerless because you can’t find the way out or it can be something that doesn’t depend on you, which then you are a bit powerless. You don’t have superpowers to force someone to do something. Turn it back to yourself and think what is it you can do yourself and don’t depend on others.

Talk to someone

If you have someone to talk to, do it. Don’t feel scared for being judged. Talking to someone is so helpful. While it doesn’t mean that they can find a solution for you, sharing your burdens will make you feel much better. It doesn’t matter if you get the answer to your problems or not.

Tracking progress

If you are trying to achieve something and you feel a bit frustrated during the process and you aren’t sure if it’s working, another great way is to monitor what you are up to. Write down what you have accomplished and you may find out you did more than you thought. It will help you feel less stressed and tracking the progress will help you understand where you are and what you can do to get better.


Doing this reminds me of being a teenager and having that secret journal with all my secrets. But I still do it no matter what. If you haven’t done journaling since your childhood, give it a try again today. You can’t even imagine what power it has when you write down all your frustrations. It’s another way to release negativity. Don’t hold it inside yourself. Spread it out on paper.

One step at a time

Another important thing to understand is that you can’t fix everything in one day and you can’t fix everything all at once. I know you want to change everything as soon as possible, but doing too much will tire you and you may end up giving up. If there are many things that frustrate you, focus on one problem at a time and you will be surprised how fixing one thing may automatically fix other problems with you even putting an effort.

Ask “WHY?”

And of course, before you start working on your frustration you need to identify it. Ask yourself why you are frustrated and what frustrates you exactly. Once you create the list it will be much easier to work on your problems.

Write action steps

Once you finished the list of what frustrates you, make a list of activities that will help you deal with these frustrations. I highly recommend you write everything because it will be easier to monitor and remember, instead of trying to set it up in your head.

Don’t blame others

I will agree that there are situations when our frustration may really be someone else’s fault. However, understand that blaming someone is not going to fix anything. You are just hurting yourself with that and filling yourself with negative energy. Personally, I do not support blaming someone no matter what.

Don’t blame yourself

You may be a little confused now. If you can’t blame others then you may think that you should blame yourself? The main idea here is to stop blaming at all. You must take responsibility of course, but not blame, because blaming is all about concentrating on the past. Instead, take responsibility and think what you can do now to avoid future frustration.

Don’t depend on others

It is also important to understand that depending on someone is never a good idea. And I mean anyone, even your best friend. People can be irrational and unfair. Not everyone is sitting there and thinking about how they can improve and get better. Some people still haven’t reached that phase yet, so be cautious. I don’t mean to stop trusting anyone, because trust means a lot for closer relationships; however, don’t depend on it.

Get rid of toxic people

By toxic people, I don’t mean very rude or irresponsible people. There may be people who just don’t make you feel good, who just aren’t really needed by you. If you think someone has a bad impact on you and makes you feel stressed, try to avoid such people as much as possible. If it’s your colleagues or boss, you don’t need to ignore them; however, try to stay away from them as much s possible

Avoid actions at the peak of frustration

When you are very frustrated, you just want action. You want to get up and do something. But you may forget that you aren’t being rational at that moment and taking any action may lead to worse frustration later on. Avoid doing anything in regards to the frustration. Wait when you are more calm.

Stay positive

I know, I know. It’s so hard to stay positive when you are frustrated. But try your best to look at everything from a different perspective and realize that you can fix everything. Even if you have to pretend you are positive, it’s already something. I don’t mean to just be positive and not to do anything at all. But whatever you do to fix your frustration, stay positive on the way to make the journey more enjoyable.


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