Creativity Boosters: 10 Tips To Dissolve Creative Blocks…

Creativity Boosters: 10 Tips To Dissolve Creative Blocks

No matter who you are or what your age, you’ve probably discovered the joy of creativity. Why? Because creating is a natural human tendency. It’s a way to express your personality, stoke your vitality, explore your inner nature, boost your self-esteem, relieve stress, enjoy your free time and even solve problems. It can be said that all of the benefits of creativity positively contribute to your personal balance and happiness. Besides, creating can be fun – until you become stuck.

What do you do when you want to create but lack inspiration? What do you do when you have to make something, but you cannot figure out how, or what, to create? Thankfully, there are options. Here are 10 ways to stimulate your creativity back into action when you are feeling stuck:

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10 Tips to Dissolve Creative Blocks

  • Move – Any activity that moves your body will help move your mind, too. Dance, exercise, or go outside and do something physical. Expose yourself to fresh air to stimulate fresh ideas.
  • Release – Take a break from your project and forget about it for a while. Sometimes too much effort gets in the way of your creative flow. A break can help you refresh your perspective and get you back on track.
  • Get wet – Many people claim to receive some of their best ideas while taking a shower. Whether you swim in a pool, sit by a lake, or take a bath, the presence of water will help cleanse your psyche and get your energy moving, which in turn will get your creative center churning once again.
  • Laugh – A sense of humor is joy expressing itself. When you stop taking everything so seriously, you open your energies to the lightness of life. In a state of joy, self-expression loses all of its limits and flows freely.
  • Admire – Find inspiration in admiration. Look to the creations of others to spark ideas for your projects. Examine what you like about them and what you might do differently, to inspire some new avenues to explore yourself.
  • Meditate – Close your eyes and journey inside with the intention of receiving inspiration. Be still, listen and receive. You’ll be amazed at the ideas that will come forward if you let them.
  • Talk – Find a friend who will listen, and explain your creative intentions to them. The act of listening to yourself while you explain your concepts can help you to be objective, and it will force you to organize your ideas.
  • Music – Sound is moving energy, and moving energy is creative energy. Use music as a way to coax your mind to open up and sort out new frequencies. This will inspire new ideas for you to explore.
  • Get curious – Curiosity can be an incredible guide for discovery, growth, and inspiration. Investigating something new is a treat for your mind, and a terrific way to inspire new ideas that can propel the creative action.
  • Switch Hands – Try using your non-dominant hand to fire-up the right side of your brain, where creative activity occurs. Draw a picture, brush your teeth, stir a pot of food, pick-up items, or explore other ways to use your non-dominant hand for daily activities. This will get your neurons firing in new, uncommon pathways, inviting your creative energy to follow.

Find What Works For You

The main objective when you are blocked is to get your personal energy back into motion so you will be inspired back into creative action. Experiment with these tips to find what works best for you, and paint, draw, sing, design, or create your way to a healthier, happier, more balanced you.


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