Why And How You Should Create A Dream Journal Habit That Sticks…

Why And How You Should Create A Dream Journal Habit That Sticks

If you battle with inconsistency or a hectic lifestyle, you probably know the struggle you often find yourself in when trying to implement a journaling routine (let alone a dream one). However, there is power (and a dose of magic) by implementing a journal practice that aligns with the stardust that fills your night and waking dreams. Even if you’re not a dreamer, keeping a journal is a small step that helps with sanity when balancing life in the external world. This article will focus on how you can implement a dream journal as a starting point.

Happy dreaming!

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The Dream Journal

The type of dream journal that you implement in your life should encapsulate who you are. The particular journal you choose should definitely fit with your lifestyle and personality. No matter what though, some sort of journal should be used when tracking and documenting your dreams.  A spiral notebook could work perfectly fine, but what’s even better: a journal that speaks to your soul.

Walk into a bookstore. What would be the first journal to catch your eye almost immediately? Pick this journal out of the myriad and dedicate this journal only for your dreams.

Write Out Your Dreams

When you wake up, make sure your eyes are still closed. Concentrate as you try to remember as many details as possible from the dream. If you start writing your dream before you had enough time to truly recount the dream, some parts will be lost as you put pen to paper. Actually write the dream down rather than typing it out. This is a means to stimulate concentration as you focus on remembering the details of your dream.

However, do not wait too long to start writing out your dream. You can easily forget your dreams in this time frame and your mind will automatically attempt to fill in the blanks.  This itself will make your dream partly fabricated. With practice, the timing of when to pause, reflect, and document will align.

Document Everything

Document every single detail of your dream. Even with dreams that seem trivial, document those as well. After journaling your dreams constantly, you can look back for particular patterns and themes: many of which reveal your deepest self. Do not ignore these patterns and themes. Your dream self is trying to speak to your awakened self even at the subconscious level.

Be Mindful

Be mindful. Your dream self is easily influenced by outside forces just as your awake self is. What you consume, whether it be the news, social media, and interactions with others are all influences on your dream self. However, once you have mastered the art of dreaming, take advantage of what your dreams reveal. After you have trained yourself to track your dreams and consume positive energy, you can use your dreams as an alternative to astrology and other mediums. When you are in a healthy mindset, body, and soul, your dreams also reflect your physical body and soul. Your dreams become a manifestation of what you consume. Dreams themselves are insightful, self-enriching, and self-prophesying if you choose to believe.

Use Dreams To Create

I currently use dreams for inspiration in my fictional novel ideas and life endeavors. I have completed my first draft of a novel based on a dream, and my current novel project is also based on a dream. With that being said, dreams can be so powerful to inspire action. Even if you do not aspire to be a writer, dreams unlock creativity and gives it the space to flourish and thrive.

Whatever your dreams reveal, do not let them simply fade into the haze of the past, lost in pockets of subconscious that fade with time. Just like in real life, if we do not grab hold of our dreams and make them a reality, they will simply disappear from memory. Your reality can be created and designed simply by your dreams. Use your dreams to create something beautiful – extraordinary- for both your inner and outer world.


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