Crafting A Better Lifestyle That Works…

Crafting A Better Lifestyle That Works

It is important to live your best life ever. We all have one life to live in a short time span. People often panic at the thought of life passing them by. But it best to focus on the time you have on earth. Some consider the butterfly approach to life. The butterfly is thought of as a creature that is full of life and beauty. A butterfly’s life span is extremely short. However, the life of a butterfly is imagined to be as equally magical as its beauty.

“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days – three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.” ~ John Keats

It is time to move and move fast creating the life you are meant to live. But you must understand what are the components of life. Holistic drug rehab discover that their patients benefit from understanding what is life. There has been many points of view on this subject. One fascinating point of view on the topic of life and how to live is called: ikigai (ick–eee–guy). It is a Japanese philosophy of a way to live a more fulfilling life.

What is Ikigai (ee-key-guy) ?

The four moving parts of Ikigai are sustainability, purpose, passion, and pleasure.

Sustainability is an aspect of life that everyone needs. These are necessities that are needed to function day-to-day to survive. They can depend on where you are from or the part of the globe you reside. How would define your personal needs? Most people would agree that food, shelter, clothing, and water are basic necessities. Necessities of life can also vary like wants. But they are usually non-expendable for the average person. Think about what you truly need to survive and live healthy in your daily life. These will be your needs to function as an adult.

Finding your purpose and passion in life is easy. Is there a difference between a purpose and passion? Yes. A purpose is twofold. It is something that you are great at performing and can be beneficial to others. You may find that your purpose flows naturally from your spirit. You are often driven to you use this purpose to help others. To serve a purpose is to contribute to a greater cause.

The world receives a massive benefit when you serve your purpose. Everyone has the opportunity to fulfill a purpose. And a purpose can be big or small. Everyday someone is contributing to society. This can be through their career such as an educator, being an active parent, or donating to your favorite charity every year. Living a purpose filled life brings about great benefits for you and those around you too.

Having a passion is just as fulfilling as a purpose. A passion is something that simulates both your mind and heart. Hobbies are a great way to fill this aspect of one’s life. If you are passionate about painting you may just want to create masterpieces for your own pleasure. You don’t have to be the greatest violinist to have a passion for playing the violin. Passion is about enjoying the experience and living with vigor.

Pleasure is also apart of life and living. It is “Ok” to indulge in the material world once in awhile. However, holistic drug rehab would caution not to indulge in harmful activities or substances. Sometimes the thought of buying an extra special something after reaching a goal can be motivating. The object of Ikigai is to find away to find a level synergy among all these four elements of living a more fulfilling life.


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