How Do I Continue To Push In Life When Everything Feels Hopeless?…

How Do I Continue To Push In Life When Everything Feels Hopeless?

In life, there are times when everything seems to be gloomy. When one faces failure, rejection, and unacceptance, negativity creeps in. Self-negativity and a negative perspective towards people and situations attract even more negativity and make us feel hopeless.

However, if one realizes that I am going through a low phase in life and wants to come out of it, it is the first positive step taken.

One must first ‘decide’ to live a hopeful life, and the key to start is ‘Positivity’.

Did you ever experience that when we dwell in negativity, everything seems negative, and the negativity multiplies? So let’s put a full stop to all the negativity now. Let’s start looking into the positive part of life.

First of all, we add positivity to your question: ‘How do I continue to push in life to start an energetic and purposeful life?’ Yes, this sounds right!

So, here are the keys ‘to start an energetic and purposeful life when everything feels hopeless’.


When we wear the spectacles of positivity, our life becomes positive. Positivity attracts more favorable situations. We feel hopeful and happy. We ignore trivial things that disturb us and focus on the positive side of each case. Positivity motivates us and also those around us and reaps success.


Sometimes we feel helpless when we face difficulties in life, and it may seem to be challenging to remain positive. But when we pray to the Lord, we surrender all our worries to Him, and we feel light. When our prayers are sincere and faithful, we surely get help from Him.

Magical Eraser:

There are times when we try to be positive and focus on our present. But the past incidences pop up in our minds repeatedly and disturb us mentally and emotionally. It becomes challenging for us to ignore such thoughts. We wonder if there is any machine to clean off or erase all these thoughts. Wouldn’t it be great to have one such device? Yes! Here it is – the magical eraser. We can follow the three steps given below to erase each layer of negative thoughts and impressions.

Alochana (confession):

Visualize the Lord within the person who comes to our mind on and on. Pray to the Lord, and confess (internally) all the mistakes that happened with that person.

Pratikraman (ask for forgiveness):

Ask for forgiveness from the Lord within for all that has happened.

Pratyakhyan (ask for strength):

Ask for power from the Lord within, to give us infinite strength to never repeat such mistakes.

Isn’t it easy to follow these simple steps whenever the thoughts come to the mind?

You may be wondering, but what to do when the other person hurts you?

Interestingly, the answer is that we need to follow the same steps even when we are hurt because we are the ones who want to come out of the suffering. Expecting others to realize their mistakes and heal our hurt increases our sorrow. Instead, let us wash them away by internally asking for forgiveness for any faults in the present or past. The thoughts are like the layers of an onion. When we use the magical eraser once, one layer of thoughts (along with the feeling of attachment or abhorrence) goes away, and finally, we feel light and happy.

Become a store of happiness:

Imagine that you have a sweet shop. Would you not eat sweets whenever you want to, then? You would also distribute the sweets to your near and dear ones, isn’t it? You don’t have to go out to buy sweets, you have ample of them with you. Similarly, let us now open a shop (store) of happiness. When we are full of happiness, we do not have to go out begging for joy. Our relationships will also blossom because people will like to be around us. When we make others happy, our happiness multiplies.

How to attain permanent happiness?

We all want to be happy and also want to make others happy. But the question is ‘How to be happy?’ Quite often, we decide to be happy but cannot be so. Somehow, we end up being sad. We want happiness that never leaves us. Where can we get such permanent happiness? The answer is that happiness is not anywhere outside. It is within us. Our Real Self (Pure Soul) is the abode of infinite happiness. A Gnani Purush (One who has realized the Self and is able to do the same for others) has the special powers to make us realize our Self. So, let’s meet the Gnani and attain Self Realization. When we realize our Self, we too become the abode of infinite bliss and positivity. Self-realization makes our life energetic, purposeful, hopeful, and blissful! Then, we will not have to push ourselves anymore to seek happiness, we will find it in abundance right within us!


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