The 8-Step Conscious Decision Making Blueprint…

The 8-Step Conscious Decision Making Blueprint

If you’re like many of us, you tend to run fast and furious through your days. You’re a hard-charging accomplishment machine who gets a lot done — unless you’re a crumpled wad of humanity in the corner, crying out for help. This is why I propose making conscious decisions, instead. The process goes something like this.

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The conscious decision-making process

Feel free to pull out a journal to explore these steps as you go.

  1. Notice a decision must be made, and instead of leaping into action, stop and breathe. Say ‘Let me think about it’; then do exactly that. Remember that most of the time, an immediate reply is not needed. We usually do have the luxury of consideration.
  2. Notice your immediate response. Do you have a whole body yes—or no? What thoughts, or even red flags, pop into your head? Observe if you’re trying to talk yourself into a yes, even though your gut is delivering a no. It’s okay to sit with this process, even if it’s uncomfortable. This is actually where the gold is.
  3. Think it through. If you were to say ‘yes’, what would be involved? Will your needs be reliably met? How much risk is involved? Can you trust the people involved? Who else might be impacted? Here’s where you’ll really serve yourself in the long run. Remember the world will not end if you don’t answer quickly, so take as much time as you need with this.
  4. Do you seriously want to do this? You can and should follow your gut here because desire is your strongest indicator for a yes. It also indicates a Universal nudge in the right direction. For without desire, we might as well pack it all in and go home.
  5. Is this consistent with your values? Does this fit with the imprint you want to leave on this life? Or is part of you quietly cringing in the background? Notice that cringe. That’s a sign that you need to say no. Ideally, all of the actions we take truly do align with our personal integrity.
  6. What’s the cost? Whether it’s time, money, energy or evenings spent away from the kids, every yes comes with a cost of some sort. Getting clear on it in detail—even down to the penny or the minute—can really empower your decision-making process.
  7. Is there an a compelling yes or no here? Sometimes it is hard to make a conscious decision. There are plenty of pros, yet there are some real cons as well. If that’s the case, look for the dominant yes or no here. Then allow your guidance and your intuition to guide you.
  8. Bless it or block it? There is no substitute for checking in with your spiritual guidance. Close your eyes and pray. Think about your decision, and ask your higher power to ‘Bless it or block it’. Then await a signal that all systems are go or not.

A friend who was trying to find a new apartment found the place of his dreams, but the price was on the high side. After praying, he met with the landlord, who turned out to be closely connected to a mutual friend. He took the place—and almost immediately, his earnings increased. He still lives there happily today. When you bother to make a conscious decision, you allow yourself to live in true alignment with the Universe. Then your heart, your soul, and your body slow down, and you begin to live in true peace and harmony. So you begin to tap into your truest source of power.

May conscious decision-making serve you well.


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