Finding Confidence And Acceptance Of One’s Self-Worth…

Finding Confidence And Acceptance Of One’s Self-Worth

With all the things that are happening around the world, do you still get to look within yourself and evaluate how you are doing this pandemic?

2020 is a difficult year for most of us. Some of us got separated from our families due to lockdowns. Some lost their jobs. Some failed their classes and some had failed relationships. Worse of all, some have lost their loved ones. All the struggles that we have been experiencing pile up and the easiest person to blame would often be ourselves. The things that happen to us could easily bring us down and this makes us feel less confident and more unworthy. This type of mindset needs to be changed as it does not make anything better and often hinders us from becoming better. Your negative perception of yourself does not help you become the best version of yourself. It will only prevent you from achieving things.

This article is meant to help you realize how wonderful you are, and it starts with you finding your confidence and accepting the fact that you are worthy.

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Becoming more confident

Self-confidence is the trust you give to yourself. By believing that you are capable of meeting life’s needs and challenges, you are confident. At birth, you are not bestowed with confidence, rather it is developed as you grow. The people surrounding you as you were growing play a role in establishing your confidence as a child but the key role would always be you.

Why is building confidence important?

Confidence is an element needed to succeed in different aspects of life – school, work, relationships, you name it, confidence is key! It is needed when you have to express yourself, in conversations, in conventions, and decision-making whether big or small. It encompasses different aspects of our lives making it essential to achieve success.

How do you become confident?

First, you have to identify why you need to become confident. What is your purpose? To motivate yourself to become confident, you have to identify why you need it. This will drive you to continue and train or practice being confident. You can start by making a list of goals to achieve. Make your list realistic and achievable. Aim to master our emotions. We have to acknowledge the fact that we govern how we react to any external stimulus. According to a family doctor, you need to overcome your feelings of anxiety by thinking of the things you have accomplished no matter how small. By understanding how we feel, we are a step closer to becoming confident.

Like all other skills, practice could help you build your confidence. You need to practice to become confident. Prepare yourself before a presentation, performance, an interview, or even a date. Come to a convention or a class well prepared. In a presentation, by understanding or knowing what you need to impart to your audience, your confidence would easily show. Remember your actions, words, and behavior would show how confident you are. Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Accepting one’s self-worth

Self-worth is often interchanged with the term self-value. The two words may be different but it often expresses the same idea. Self-worth is the value we give to ourselves. This is the value we give ourselves based on our inherent worth. We are in charge of our self-worth but more often than not, we get swayed by external factors. People would often compare themselves with others making them believe that they are worth less than the people around them. We have to remember that our self-worth is not based on external factors such as wealth, beauty, and others. By using external factors as a basis for our self-worth, we cause more harm to our mental health.

How do we accept our self-worth?

The very first step to accepting our self-worth is to stop comparing ourselves with others. Our life is not a competition. We are not in a race and we have to go at our own pace. Don’t mind how fast or slow other people are, so focus on yourself. Accepting your self-worth means that you have to see your value. It does not require any inputs or approval from other people. You do not need to please others. Acceptance of self-worth just needs you to wholeheartedly accept that you are worthy and capable as a person. You are the captain of your life.

Make it meaningful and be happy.


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