Why We Should All Commit To A Heart-Centered Life…

Why We Should All Commit To A Heart-Centered Life

When we commit to living a heart-centered life, anything is possible. Committing to a heart-centered life means learning how to slow down and how to show up for yourself fully. In fact, I think it’s the most productive thing you could do for your business, your employees, your partner, your children, your friends, and your family. When you can truly recognize that making yourself a priority, showing up for yourself, and doing the inner work is actually the best, most productive thing you can do, a shift occurs where you see there’s nothing on your to-do list that’s more important or will ever be more important than this inner work. Because everything that’s going on outwardly is a reflection of what’s going on inwardly.

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What are you committed to?

Right now, I want you to think about what you’re really committed to. At one point, I was committed to the shiny diamond engagement ring, the 6-figure + bank account, and Target. Oddly, I was obsessed with restocking my items! After a departure from “normal”, a divorce, and selling my business, I realized I was severely addicted to chaos. Ironically, now my bank account fills up without the urgency, I rarely need to go to Target and I feel calm. I’m going to show you how I let my heart take the wheel, not my ego. Let’s get real, sister…are you prioritizing your addiction to the hustle, the chaos, and the drama? Are you chasing money over impact?

If you have been called here, I think you know on some level, your ego is running the show and you’d prefer to sink into a more easeful life. Am I right? When you really sink back into this idea that how you feel is more important than what you do…it may feel like something you already knew. Like it just drops back in. It feels like you’re remembering something familiar. What you remember is directly tied to the level at which you’re willing to open your heart and heal yourself. If you’re walled up and armored up so you won’t feel pain, and you’re saying things like, “I’m never going to feel this way again, no one’s ever going to hurt me again.”

Or, “I don’t need a man, I’m good. I’m a strong woman.”

In these scenarios, you may be blocking the connection to your feminine essence, to your divine feminine energy. You may not be stepping into your most magnificent self as fully as you can. Being walled up could be impeding your ability to receive the truth about who you truly are and what you’re really here to do. You may also be blocking the abundance you really want by limiting your ability to receive it. It could also be getting in the way of experiencing your passion, your purpose, or a divine partnership. When you’re walled up, you could miss out on so much magic.

It’s up to you. It’s all really your choice.

Making the choice

Here are a few ways I’ve chosen to choose myself, my worth, and the way I feel above the activities that my ego would rather me do:

I committed to a morning routine, in fact, I don’t turn my phone on until I complete it:

  • Breathe – Sounds very simple, right? That’s because it is simple and it’s okay to do something simple, even during a busy day.
  • Journaling – It’s one of the most powerful tools for transformation because it is a sacred space to release what is no longer serving you and connect you to yourself on a deeper level.
  • Meditation – It is the clearest path to our heart and intuition. It connects us directly to the guidance, direction, and clarity that is available to all of us at all times.
  • Power statements – What we focus on will expand. So, what we believe to be true will simply show up in our lives. Power statements are created as if what we want has already happened.
  • Gratitude – When we focus on what we are grateful for now, it brings us back to the present moment, and happiness is only available in the present moment.
  • Affirmations – Affirming positive affirmations about yourself helps you let go of the stories your mind is trying to tell you about you not being good enough and reminds you that you have always been good enough.

I realized “the work” is never done, and there’s always another layer.

When issues come up, it doesn’t mean you haven’t grown, and it absolutely doesn’t mean you’ve gone backward. It’s just a signal that we all have layers, and they just need to be unlocked at the right time. When we can look at an issue as just another layer to peel back, versus saying, “Oh, my God! I’m a failure! Look at me, I’m going backward!” No, you’re just a human. Yes, there may be unresolved layers of emotion that are just now coming up. But, look at it as something coming up so it can be seen and dealt with. Then, you can move on. That’s how you live the life of your dreams. That’s how you become happy. It’s not about not having challenges anymore. It’s not about living a life where nothing bad ever happens to you. It’s about navigating, responding, processing, and then moving forward.

In essence, I prioritize truth over everything.

Remember that you are very powerful and you are creating in every moment. You are either creating from your ego or your heart. Ego-based creation equals ego-based results, and in turn, heart-based creation equals heart-based results. Differentiating between the ego and the heart takes patience and practice because they can feel similar, but they lead to completely different energies. By choosing to process your emotions you will become connected to your heart and truth. From this place of alignment, you will be able to fully receive and sustain the manifestation of your dreams because when you live a heart-centered life, ANYTHING is possible.


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