Do You Want To Co-Create With The Universe? Here’s How To Do It…

Do You Want To Co-Create With The Universe? Here’s How To Do It

“It’s all about rhythms, not routines,” Allie Casazza told Cathy Heller. I nodded my head enthusiastically as if they could see me, while I glided the soapy sponge over our last dirty dish. I was feeling particularly happy this evening, one of those moments where everything just felt good.

I walked into our bedroom and stopped in my tracks. Golden rays of sunshine bounced off the walls, creating gorgeous shadows. It was pure magic that begged to be noticed. I did. I sat down on the bed to appreciate it before the sun disappeared behind the mountains. As any good millennial does, I took a photo of the view. I felt the urge to write starting to tug at me. I didn’t know what I was going to write, so I just let my fingers flow. What came out of me was a poem. ‘Share it! Share it!’ I was urged from inside.

I uploaded my photo to Instagram with the poem as the caption. I didn’t put much thought into it; I just obeyed my urge to share. I don’t typically write poetry, so I wasn’t sure if it was even any “good.” But, I received some really kind messages. “So beautifully written!” “Beautiful!” “Loved reading this!”

I smiled because the message had come to me so easily. I’d written that poem in ten minutes. It literally flowed through me. I knew that was because I was in alignment with the Universe. I was feeling happy, grateful, and inspired which is when I feel most connected to a higher power.

Later that evening, I decided to send an Instagram message to Allie Casazza, the woman I’d listened to on the podcast. She’s a well-known entrepreneur with a large following. I didn’t expect a message back, I just wanted to let her know that her message impacted me! To my surprise, she responded quickly and started following me back. She said, “Officially obsessed with you and your feed! Something called me to click your name and I’m glad that I did.”

‘What a cool night!’ I thought. I’ve learned to love being in that inspired state of mind. When I’m in that state, I’m able to attract goodness into my life with ease. I manifest my desires naturally, without the need to push or “make things happen”.

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Feeling good is the key to manifesting your dreams

When it comes to creating our dream life and manifesting our desires, feeling good is the key ingredient. Why? Because when we feel good, we “vibrate” at a higher frequency which attracts more goodness to us. When we feel good, we’re in alignment with our true nature.

Allow me to translate that from “Woo” to English because if you’re anything like me, “vibrating” and “being in alignment” used to sound really abstract. Like, what does that even mean? Let’s start with vibration. When someone is in a bad mood, you can feel it, right? Being around them sort of feels dark and heavy. You sort of tiptoe by, hesitant to get too close; afraid to upset them further. They’re exuding a negative vibration because their dark mood can be felt by anyone who comes into contact with them. A positive vibration, on the other hand, feels good to be around. It’s attractive. We’re naturally drawn to people who are genuinely happy, cheerful, and positive. Whatever they have, we want a piece of it!

When you’re in a state of high vibration, it feels like you’re on fire, in a good way. You’re brimming with ideas, inspiration, and joy. Your good feelings are overflowing, so the people around you inevitably start feeling better. When we’re in alignment, we’re in that high vibration state. To me, being in alignment means you’re existing as the person God intended you to be. You’re present, joyful, and connected to life. You aren’t worrying about if your nose is too big, if you sound smart, or if you’ve been productive enough today. You’re just here, now; simply existing in the natural, beautiful flow of life.

When it comes to manifesting our desires and creating our dream life, being in that high vibe state of alignment is crucial. In that state, people want to be around us, work with us, get to know us. In that state of mind, we’re inspired and able to think outside of the box. We aren’t focused on the small problems plaguing us, or our insecurities, or other people’s opinions. Instead, we’re keen on the beauty of life and focused on the big picture.

When we’re in alignment, we’re co-creating with the Universe. How cool is that? In our relaxed state, we’re able to easily allow inspired ideas from a higher power to move through us. If that sounds abstract, think about the times you’ve tried to remember a person’s name but couldn’t. Then, hours later, when you were doing something else, the name came to you.

When we relax, the answers we need will come to us.

So, how do we get into alignment?

In order to understand what gets you into that aligned, high-vibe state, you must follow what gives you joy. What activities cause you to lose track of time? What makes you feel overwhelmingly happy? Inspired? Full of energy? At peace? All of these moments are clues. Create a list of what makes you feel most aligned.

When we follow these clues, we begin to co-create with the Universe. The more we follow our joy, the more lit up, inspired, and attractive we become. In this inspired state, the actions we take toward our goals feel right. While those actions may be uncomfortable or challenging at times, they’re never forceful, pushy, or desperate. At times, it feels almost effortless as we open new doors and welcome opportunities that bring us closer to our dreams.

One of the concepts Deepak Chopra talks about in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, is the Law of Least Effort.

“Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease… with carefreeness, harmony, and love. And when we harness the forces of harmony, joy, and love, we create success and good fortune with effortless ease.” – Deepak Chopra

In our state of alignment, we aren’t thinking, “I hope my dream comes true!”. We aren’t feeling anxious about making it happen. Instead, we’re at peace. We have this quiet, confident understanding that’s like, “Of course it’s happening. I’m on my way there!” This distinction is important. When we’re joyful and grateful, we’re in harmony with the Universe. In that state, our success is inevitable.

Do you want more support in manifesting your desires?

I’m excited to share something I’ve been working on! I created journal prompts to support you in manifesting your desires. To have a copy sent to your inbox, click here!

These seven prompts were created to help you with:

  • Getting clear on what you desire
  • Recognizing what’s holding you back from manifesting it
  • Understanding what gets you into the energy of manifesting
  • Strengthening your relationship with a higher power
  • Having more fun along the way!


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