Embracing Clarity To Manifest Your Reality…

Embracing Clarity To Manifest Your Reality

Clarity means to have an understanding or knowing uncluttered by doubts or confusion. When we have clarity, we can better notice our intentions and consciously choose good, positive intentions towards ourselves and others. When we have clarity, we can find it easier to trust God and know that everything we encounter is showing up to support us and moving us toward what we want.

When we get clear about what we want in life, we can have the life we want. Most of us are more aware of what we don’t want than of what we do want – they are two different things. We want more money or time, but we focus on the lack of it. Focusing on what we don’t want will always move us in the direction of what we don’t want instead of in the direction of what we do want. When we become aware of what we don’t want, it is important to get clear about what we do want, and then focus only on that.

It is important that we be clear, because, as the saying goes: “Ask and it shall be given.” When we are not clear on what we want, we end up “asking” for a mixture of things – things we want and don’t want, at the same time. And whatever we focus on the most, usually what we don’t want then shows up in our lives.

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You are a Creator

You are connected to a divine energy that can manifest anything you choose to focus on. Everything you have in your life at this moment, you have created: your house, your career, your relationships, your hobbies, and your level of freedom. You have chosen these circumstances and experiences through your clarity and focus or lack thereof. You have created your reality. If you’re happy with your creation, keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re not happy with it, you can change it through clarity and focus.

What is it that You Want to Create in Your Reality?

The clearer you are about what you want to create, the easier it is for you to bring it into your experience.

Making a list may be a good way to see what you are doing in your mind regarding what is wanted and unwanted and where you are putting your focus. When writing down what you do want, you may find your focus shifting to what you don’t want. If so, think about its opposite, and write that down, tweaking and fine-tuning it as necessary until it is a match to what you DO want.

Our thoughts create our realities, so in order to attract positive things, we need to be clear and have good intentions. Once we are clear in our thoughts, we begin to clear our emotions, which are the attraction factors of our manifestation abilities. With positive, strong, clear emotions, we can consciously manifest anything we need in our lives. As a hypnotherapist, I assist others with making changes in their lives through their clarity and focus. I see a high rate of success in my clients who, in addition to our hypnosis session, begin to pay attention to their thoughts and apply positive affirmations to change the way they view things.

By paying attention to our thoughts, we can make sure that if anything comes in that is not in alignment with what we want, such as self-doubt, negative self-talk, gossip about others, or judgments, we can immediately redirect our thoughts into a clear, positive intention that will serve us for the better. Getting rid of any negativity in our lives helps us become clearer in our focus and assists us in living optimally.

Simple Clarity Exercises

There are numerous ways we can embrace clarity, and I encourage you to begin a daily practice, incorporating any or all of the following simple clarity exercises:

  • Smudge your energy field using sage or other herbs
  • Spend a few minutes focusing on your breathing
  • Clear your mind with a few minutes of meditation
  • Say positive affirmations, looking into your eyes in a mirror
  • Participate in a healing modality that feels right for you

Clarity can also help us see things in a new way. Our willingness for clarity can open us up to other possibilities that we had not considered before. There is always a reason for things happening the way they do, and when we have clarity, we can better know the reason.

Often, things in life don’t seem to make sense, or unwanted events blindside us. We tend to come to conclusions about these things or assign meanings to them. Sometimes we may blame karma or luck or think God is punishing us. When we come to a conclusion, we lock into that “reality” about the situation. When we ask for clarity about the situation, we can “unlock” and better see the greater good to which that event has contributed.

Clarity helps us see that we are exactly where we are meant to be at this moment. Knowing this, we can embrace each moment fully and trust that everything we are experiencing is assisting us in our growth. Remember to be true, be real, be honest, and be clear, and you will blossom into the beautiful being that you truly are! We are each seed of life. We are made to create anything we choose.


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