Choose Self-Actualization…

Choose Self-Actualization

As humans we face the crossroad of discovering our own sense purpose within life. I think its only normal for us to eventually ask ourselves:

Why are we here?

Who are we?

What do I want to do with my life?

Why was I born?

If this is your first time contemplating these thoughts, you’re not alone. 

A big factor in why so many people feel lost in the world today is because they’re living a fake life. Many individuals have not discovered their own reason for living; instead, they live for the sake of society’s values and thus spend their time partying, abusing substances, and chasing pleasure.

If we are not taught to deeply question our own life, then how can we ever escape the cycle of social values?

The first step towards escaping the darkness of society is by asking our-self: what is life?

When we truly question life, when we truly stop thinking about what is normal and what is not, then our mind will be open.

Every day we take for granted our body and mind; it’s all we know and so we deem them to be normal. I think our world is an oddity. Trees, hands, eyeballs, cars, writing; what are all these concepts beyond the normality that we have excepted? Step out of your sense of being human and think about being an alien who is visiting planet Earth for the first time.

What would you think about human life if you were an alien from outer space? All of our human ideas and notions would be foreign to an extraterrestrial. There’s so much more to life than the day to day tasks we’re already doing.

Who are we? Are we really humans? What does it mean to be a human? Is a human-defined by their mind or their body? Or are the mind and body just concepts created by humans to establish a limitation upon consciousness?

The universe is constantly in motion. The atoms which constitute our cells which makeup our bodies never stop moving. Even when we die and supposedly leave our bodies, the atoms which make up our supposed physical form keep vibrating for eternity. Is this body even ours? Did our life start when our body was born? If the body we were born into is made up of atoms that have existed for eternity, does that mean we have always existed? What are we? When did we take on a firm identity and limit our own sense of existence?

I think life is more grand than we actually allow ourselves to consider.

We just have to start asking the right questions about life rather than accepting the narratives created by our societies.

Even though there are so many questions that can be asked, that doesn’t mean we will find an answer. Asking questions doesn’t guarantee happiness. We’re free to not ask any questions, but then we would deny ourselves the opportunity to witness and experience the depths of life.

I understand that not everyone is interested in exploring the rich vastness of existence; every individual is different. As a bare minimum requirement for finding fulfillment in life, we have to ask ourselves questions that help us know ourselves. What is it that we want to do with our life? I think every person has a purpose for living, they just need to find it.

We find our purpose by observing where our thoughts go to the most. For myself, my thoughts revolve around the abstract aspects of life as well as trying to see people and events in multiple perspectives. I use my way of seeing life as a mirror for others to reflect upon.

My purpose in life is to give others the power to expand their own consciousness and to value life at a deeper level.

An individual’s purpose isn’t finalized, it’s more of an opinion that helps us navigate through the uncertainty in life.

To have purpose is beautiful because then you’ll make choices and act upon them. Rather than living a life where you feel confused and lost, your purpose will be your guiding star. When we have a purpose we are able to walk through uncertainty because we know that there is something in our life that gives us strength.

I would love it for everyone find their own sense of purpose.

I would love it for people to stop giving their life away to alcohol or drugs.

I would love it for humans to finding a deeper sense of meaning that is beyond pleasure.

I would love it if we all became conscious together and started to care for one another.


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Joan Dover


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