The Choice Between Panic And Positivity…

The Choice Between Panic And Positivity

During these uncertain and confusing times, it has become more and more apparent that we are being called to awaken and change the ways in which we are living our lives. Everywhere you look, there are words, memes, postings, texts, articles and other forms of social media vocalizing wide-spread fear and panic about the current situation.

Initially, I found parts of me giving way to the negativity and fear-based thoughts and emotions. I realized that all of these feelings, thoughts, and beliefs were not only failing to serve me in any way but were also depleting me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I became more aware of my body’s response to all that I was bringing into my mind, body, and spirit. My nervous system was frantically trying to protect me from all of the perceived and imagined threats I was creating in my head. I became irritable and impatient and unrelated stressors would easily attach to me and further lower my energy. I could feel myself growing more and more distanced from who I truly am.

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Making the choice

It was with one simple action my energy, thoughts, emotions, and perspectives shifted in the most beautiful and miraculous ways…I MADE A CHOICE! The way I saw it, I had two choices: I could continue to give into all of the sensationalism and mass hysteria and eventually succumb to full-blown panic, anxiety and more than likely, a depressive state OR I could harness my inner power and allow my intuition to come through and focus my energy and attention in a more positive and productive direction. I made a conscious, heartfelt commitment to myself to love and honor myself in this situation.

I began taking a mental inventory of my current thoughts, behaviors, and actions and started the process of consciously shifting each negative one into positive. One by one, I began to see the blessings in this situation and the positive ways in which it has been affecting everything around us. Flights are being canceled and people are being forced to stay home from business trips and vacations. People have been asked to stay home from work and schools have been canceled. College students are returning home to their families and parents are home with their children more, available to talk, play and cuddle with their little ones. Deadlines are being extended, appointments rescheduled, and events canceled.

Now, before everyone breaks out their pitchforks and torches and condemns me for being ignorant and oblivious to the monumental inconveniences that all of these things have caused, I will go on record of saying that I understand and validate each and every person’s feelings and individual situations and am in no way trying to minimize the gravity of these situations in any way.

The point I’m attempting to convey is that as with all things in life, we have a choice, and choosing to focus solely on the negative impacts of these situations serves us in no way and can only lead to further stress, overwhelm and upset. We have a choice to make: we can swim against the tide and fight everything and everyone, kicking and screaming and complaining about how horrible things are and how DOOMED we are OR we can find a way to learn, grow, and find joy amidst the chaos, fight light in the darkness and do everything in our power to overcome this as the highest versions of ourselves we can possibly be!

I don’t know about you, but I choose the latter.

Conscious choices

I started small. I found myself stuck at home, unable to shop because of over-crowded stores and limited inventory. I stood at the crossroads between anger and appreciation. I quickly turned on my internal turn signal and followed the road towards appreciation. I closed my eyes, quieted my spirit and began to explore all the ways this situation was serving me.

I had plenty of food to create meals for my family. They may not be meals worthy of being featured on the cover Bon Appetit magazine, but they would get the job done and my family would be well-nourished and their needs met. I had plenty of hygiene and cleaning supplies and everything else we needed to make it through the next few weeks. I was in my cozy clothes with my hair in a mom bun and now I didn’t have to get all spruced up and throw my kids in the car to go out. Instead, we did a puzzle, cuddled, played, and watched a movie together. I had more time to focus on writing, clearing my own blocks, reflecting on my life, appreciating nature, giving thanks for my blessings, appreciating things I had previously been taking for granted, REST, and other things I managed to bury at the bottom of my priority list.

I had some of the most meaningful and wonderful moments with my husband and daughters. We laughed harder, hugged longer, sat stiller and truly appreciated each other in ways we had often found ourselves to busy for. We all noticed the differences and felt the surge of positive energy in our home and our hearts. I made a conscious and active commitment to continue to find the positive in each and every situation that unfolded as a result of this ongoing pandemic. I swore to myself, that if at any moment I found myself reverting back to old ways, behaviors, and mindsets, I would swiftly shift my awareness and engage in thoughts and actions which nurtured rather than negated my mind, body, and spirit.

Each experience I had brought with new insights, new emotions, new perspectives, and new opportunities. I learned more and more about myself, my mindset, beliefs, values, desires, habits, and behaviors. I embraced each moment and experience as well as all of the lessons and messages that unfolded from them. As we find ourselves in a holding pattern and faced with great uncertainty, I choose to take this time to quiet myself, live more mindfully, be more present, appreciate the blessings in my life and focus on what I have rather than the perceived lack, to heal the parts of me that have been seeking my attention, to reconnect with loved ones, appreciate nature and experience beauty deeper and more meaningful ways.

In my heart, I believe there is a purpose behind this experience we are all having together and I believe we are being called to task. We all have choices in front of us, opportunities ahead of us, lessons waiting to be learned, and answers waiting to be revealed. If we are ready and willing to open our hearts and minds, I believe we can not only overcome this challenging time but come out of it better, wiser, stronger and more in touch with the truth of who we are and all we are meant to become!


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