Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life…

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right -Henry Ford

It has been said we have on average a total of 60,000 thoughts shuffling and bumping around in our heads every day. And it also has been said 95% of those thoughts are the same as yesterday. Talk about brainwashing ourselves. What we don’t realize is most of those thoughts are not original to us. They come from our parents, our teachers, our friends, marketing, society, the news. They are born from expectations, fears, limiting beliefs, disappointments, failures.

And if that isn’t scary enough, apparently we become what we think about the most. Even those things we don’t want to happen. Simply because we are thinking of them. Try to not think of a pink elephant. Go ahead. Don’t think of a pink elephant right now. Not so easy is it. Especially that you have to conjure up the image of a pink elephant before you erase it. So how do we manage our minds and get the thoughts we want into our heads?

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First, Figure out what it is You Truly Want

When we get in our car and we want to go somewhere we need two crucial pieces of information. Our original position, and where we want to go, destination. Sometimes where we are going is automatic, like work, or the grocery store, or our parent’s house. We don’t even need to think about it. We just start the car and take off. It’s an automatic. Other times we are going somewhere for the first time. We need to pay a bit more attention to where we are and what streets we are turning on. If we have a GPS, simple enough. We input the destination, and if the GPS has a clear signal it calculates a route and off we go. Following the prompting of the beautiful computer voice. Even if we take a wrong turn, it automatically recalculates to find a different route to get us to where we want to go.

Well, the unconscious mind is very similar to a GPS. The destinations of the unconscious are our goals and dreams. And as we are often taking wrong turns, our very own personal guidance system is recalculating our course of actions to take us to where we want to be. And maybe that is the main issue. We don’t always know where it is we want to go. So if we are not inputting a destination, how can our inner guidance system bring us there. It has nowhere to guide us to. And all that ends up happening is we receive all kinds of promptings that are getting us nowhere.

Stop Changing Your Mind

I was at the restaurant the other day. Wasn’t sure about what I wanted to eat. So many delicious things on the menu. Maybe I want a vegetarian meal today. Maybe just a light snack. Anyway, after many deliberations, I finally decided on a grilled cheese with apples. And that’s what I told the waiter. But after a few minutes, I saw some of the other patrons receiving their dishes and thought, hmmm, maybe I want some spaghetti instead. So I called the waiter back and changed my order. He was a bit miffed, but took the change in order and went back to the kitchen.

A few more minutes passed by and I felt a gnawing feeling. I wanted to change my order again. So I did. I went through half the menu like this. And 30 minutes later I was still hungry and without a meal in front of me. My plate was still empty. My lack of commitment to my initial order kept me from getting any food on my plate. I was always regretting my decision and wanting what the others already had. This can also happen in life. When we want something, say a specific job, but then always change the parameters of what it is we are asking for, Source energy cannot keep up with our ever changing order and we wind up with nothing on our plates and the sensation of still being hungry.

Commit to the Process

Have you ever heard of Mantras?

“Mantra, in Hinduism and Buddhism, a sacred utterance (syllable, word, or verse) that is considered to possess mystical or spiritual efficacy. … One of the most powerful and widely used mantras in Hinduism is the sacred syllable Om. The principal mantra in Buddhism is om maṇi padme hūṃ.” (

By repeating these sacred utterances we overpower our own thoughts. Re-write our story in essence and re-program ourselves with sacred words and phrases, that help us re-define who we want to be. Affirmations work in a similar way.

One affirmation I have started using is actually in my own name. I sign my name Joey Joyful now for obvious reasons. It makes me more joyful. People see my name and think of me as being joyful. And since thoughts have been proven now to have mass, they send joyful thoughts towards me when they think of me. And thus helping me remain joyful. Thank you.

And the power of an affirmation is in its repetition. Because of this, I keep a gratitude journal. Every day upon waking I write. First I find an inspiring quote and write it down. Like the one above from Henry Ford (one of my favorites). I reflect on the quote for a moment and gain wisdom on how it can help me in my current situation. Then, I write down at least three things for which I am grateful. Simple things.

  • I am grateful for the comfortable bed that helps me sleep every night
  • I am grateful for running water in my house
  • I am grateful for my morning coffee ritual

They don’t have to be Earth-shattering, just enough to bring a smile on your face. Comfort you in some way and help you realize that there is always something to be grateful for.

Then I write down why today is going to be a good day. Seeking out in the plans of the day what I can expect to be good. This helps program my mind into finding good things to look forward to. And again, no Earth changing events here. Meeting with a friend, going out of the house to buy something I need, taking 5 minutes close to the water for a breath of fresh air. Simple is good. Then I go out into the world and meet up with my gratitude, the good things I was expecting, and most likely a few things I wasn’t expecting. Such is life, it always surprises us.

Finally, when my day is over and I am off to sleep soon, I come back to my journal and reflect upon my day. I like to find a few good things I wasn’t expecting which life presented to me. Someone going out of their way to hold a door open for me, that guy who let me merge onto the autoroute in front of him. Simple is still good. And because life is not all flowers and rainbows, I also like to find something I could’ve done better. Some reaction of mine that was less than stellar. Something to ponder during the night and maybe give a direction to my unconscious to explore in my dreams. And maybe, just maybe, become a little better as I wander in the dreamscape.

How can Affirmations Save You?

What to do now? Since our thoughts tend to get jumbled in our heads, I recommend you keep a journal. A gratitude journal as I have detailed above. You, of course, write whatever you want in your journal. I simply suggest keeping a section to write down who you want to become, what it is you want to accomplish, the things you want to see manifest in your life. And the more you raise your level of awareness, your vibration so to speak, the more you will be able to attract those things you want to see in your life. Like attracts like. What you put out there is what you attract.

We are like magnets. Always attracting how we feel and pushing away the things we feel we don’t deserve. Writing down our thoughts, and how we want to feel, helps guide us towards those goals that seem to slip away if we are not careful. It’s not magic, even though it seems to be. It’s the law of attraction. Whatever we focus on grows. It’s important to focus on the things we want to see more in our lives. And that means being grateful for the lessons, aiming in the right direction, and especially inputting the right address in that huge GPS of yours you call a brain.

Thank you

Be Well!!


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