Here Are 7 Ways To Shift Your Mind & Adapt To The Universe…

Here Are 7 Ways To Shift Your Mind & Adapt To The Universe

Do you remember a time when you completely changed your mind? Maybe you did the exact opposite of what you thought you would do. Were any of your life-changing decisions made by a simple shift in thought?

Of course, we all change our minds. Otherwise, we couldn’t adapt to the ever-changing, unpredictable universe that we live in. No two days are ever the same. We must be nimble of mind to survive and prosper. Yet entering the Age of Consciousness requires an even greater sophistication with this process, an awareness of awareness, and a resonance with all that is. A kind of getting friendly, not only with your conscious thoughts but also with your unconscious thoughts and cosmic connections. The new era of change with quantum overtones desires greater depth. This is a more profound process.

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Being in tune with your body-mind

The other day I was looking for a very precious, expensive designer shirt with unusual embroidery, truly one-of-a-kind, that I had lost or misplaced. I finally decided with my “analytical-mind” that hopefully someone else was enjoying it! You know that technique. Later that day, I was vacuuming and had to maneuver around three drums: two dumbecks and one djembe. I don’t usually move them; I just vacuum in between them. For some reason, I moved them, and my fancy shirt fell out of the base of one of the drums! Several days prior, I had attended an outdoor drumming circle, and on the way home, I stuffed my shirt into the upside-down drum…and obviously forgot about it!

Yet my “body-mind” knew where it was!

If we give sway to this body-mind, subconscious-mind, inner-knowing, guided awareness, we are then privy to a deep awareness that is not just a survival tactic or logical thinking. It comes from a greater cosmological space, one that is connected to an altered state: an interdependent connection with the Creativity of the Universe. It is not just finding a shirt. It becomes finding your soul story, your soul mate, or your soul purpose.

Imagine another scenario. You get lost and suddenly find a storefront you would like to rent for your fledgling business. You press your nose to the window to peek inside and say a silent prayer that this could be your new place. The next day you contact the landlord and decide to rent the space. Unknown to you…or so it seems…you eventually meet the love of your life, who happens to own a business two stores down from you. Sound phantasmagorical? Not really; it happened to me. After a silent prayer that went something like this, “Oh God, if I could only have a place like this,” my life was changed.

Next time you misplace something, follow your body-mind, your deep longings, and your prayers, and see what happens. Perhaps the Universe will conspire with your change of mind.

The subconscious mind is in your body. People say the mind is the master of the body, but I believe, as a professional dancer, fitness professional, and Polarity Therapist, that mind and body have an egalitarian relationship. Like a trusted relationship in a good marriage, learning from each other is smarter. It’s not a linear system. The left and right brain talk to each other. The body and mind embrace and lovingly support one another. The best decisions arise when one takes the lead and then the other. This initiates new options. The synergy inherent in Universal connections becomes apparent. A “rewiring” of the brain materializes as impulses skip over habitual synapses to create new pathways of thinking. This creates a change of mind.

These are what can stimulate new pathways of thinking

  1. Listen to your body and develop a non-verbal feeling language. All feelings are intelligent. Embrace all feelings to explore and understand them.
  2. Meditate as you listen to your body and mind simultaneously and holistically. After a while, they both shift into a blissful state.
  3. Notice your unconscious actions; begin with the truth of what habits you have…notice and be mindful of what you repeat.
  4. Play is serious business. Cultivate creative thinking: analyze your dreams, play in the Arts, learn something new, read things that are different from your point of view, solve creative problems, and talk to people who think differently.
  5. As you examine your thoughts, see how many are true. Also, notice when you’ve had a new thought. See what synchronicities (unusual coincidences with psychic qualities) arise and perhaps write them down.
  6. Flip your thoughts. Purposefully think the opposite of what you normally think. I call this flipping the switch (or turning on the light). For example, “No one will ever love me.” becomes “ I am open and receptive to being lovable and loved.”
  7. Delve deeply into your feelings using your gestures. Exaggerate your gestures or dance them to heighten body-knowing. What happens in your body as you express yourself with different forms, feelings and even ideologies?

Every time you learn something new, you change your mind. If you allow playfulness in your exploratory quest, just as you did as a small child, ideas and feelings will reveal themselves. Inspiration (in spirit) becomes a new knowing. You see that you are creative in a creative Universe, and then before you know it, you have changed your mind.


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