Can Gardening Bring You The Dose Of Happiness?…

Can Gardening Bring You The Dose Of Happiness?

For me, some things are as pleasant as gardening. There’s something utterly rewarding about being able to get your hands dirty and sustain life from the soil itself. It doesn’t take much, but gardening can often be a great way to feel better about yourself, or even just re-evaluate your own self-worth and capabilities. If you’re looking for a way to improve your outlook, here are a few easy ways to find happiness in gardening.

You Don’t Even Need a Garden.

First of all, it helps to address the fact that gardening doesn’t always require a garden. Even if you live in an apartment or flat, plant pots and bedding trays give you plenty of options. In fact, gardening in such a home has the added benefit of introducing natural greenery into your home environment.

If you don’t have your own garden, allotment or yard, you can use plant bots next to windows and balconies. As long as plants have sunlight, you can still flex your green fingers. Of course, you’re also free to rent an allotment if you want to do more.

A Communal Experience

While gardening can be done on your own, it’s often better with other people. If you’re looking to rent an allotment or any other outdoor space, why not take something up with friends? This is a great idea to socialize (keeping social distance in place), while still allowing all of the joyful benefits gardening can offer as a hobby.)

Likewise, there’s also a much wider community out there. Whether it’s local garden centers and nurseries, horticultural organizations, or even botanical projects, there are experts and amateur hobbyists alike that are happy to talk to you. Gardening is an open invitation to a larger society, offering a great way to meet new people and enjoy the company of others. Once you start gardening, you’ll find we can be a very welcoming community!

Physical Rewards

One of the biggest joys of gardening, for many people, is seeing the physical results of your labor. Whether it’s growing fruits and vegetables to eat, or simply growing beautiful flowers, it’s always rewarding to see the visible results of your work. Gardening proves that we, like people, can achieve great things with a little time and effort.

In addition to this, it’s also physically good for you. Even a little gardening on a regular basis keeps your body active, providing a range of physical and therapeutic benefits.

Grow Your Confidence

As a result of this, gardening can also help grow your confidence. After all, it’s your hard work that delivers these results. I found growing my first flowers greatly changed how I felt about my own ability to succeed.

However, one of the best parts of gardening is that you don’t need to start off too advanced. You can learn at your own pace, starting out with a plant or two. Once you learn the basics, you can develop larger beds or trays. As you learn your way around these plants, as well as experiencing the results of your first seeds, your confidence will greatly improve. Vegetables and fruits are a great way to do this. After all, it’s hard not to feel proud when eating something you grew and harvested all by yourself!

Getting Close to Nature

For many people, there simply isn’t time or space to experience nature. Yet gardening can offer exactly that. It doesn’t take up too much time, but by embracing plants and introducing more greenery, you can allow nature to enter your home. This can provide a much-needed distraction from modern city life. When city life gets too much, I enjoy nothing more than just getting my hands dirty and appreciating the natural world for a change.

The Benefits of Sight And Smell

Similarly, few things smell and look as fantastic as nature. Everyone has their own preferences, but the pleasing aesthetic of a beautiful flower, combined with the fresh aroma, can lift anyone’s mood. Plants offer a range of colors, so you can choose the ones that compliment your home or happen to make you happy.

Likewise, there are various herbs, such as lavender, which offer a soft and gentle fragrance. Between herbs and flowers, you can easily give your home a soft, relaxing scent that will subtly transform your overall mood.

Earn Money While Doing It

Finally, if these benefits weren’t enough, gardening can also turn a small profit. If you start growing excess vegetables, flowers, or seeds, why not share what you have achieved? While you might want to do this for free, some people enjoy selling their plants for a small profit.

Either way helps to build your own confidence and highlight what you are capable of. This can also help you choose what to plant as well. By growing what people want, you are meeting a need, filling a hole, and creating a sense of fulfillment. It always feels good to be useful.

In short, gardening is one of the most joyful and emotionally rewarding hobbies anyone can take up. While it might seem daunting at first, it is a relatively easy hobby that only asks for a little effort and patience. If you’ve never tried it before, why not head down to your nearest garden center for more advice on how to start?


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