6 Ways To Feel Less Burdened, More Fulfilled, And Centered As A Woman…

6 Ways To Feel Less Burdened, More Fulfilled, And Centered As A Woman

While the world is striving to achieve equality, research suggests that women still bear a heavier load than men when it comes to balancing work and their personal life. Most of us ladies don’t really need such statistics and polls to acknowledge inequalities and burdens. As a professional woman, I often find it impossible to stay centered, handle everything I need to do during the day and refrain from succumbing to the routine.

Becoming a more centered and fulfilled human being requires conscious effort. Slipping into the everyday tediousness is a lot easier. I started with one basic step and from there on, the typical existence unraveled completely. Something very little can lead to massive inspiration and change in your life. Based on my experience, here are the biggest essentials when it comes to feeling less burdened and much more fulfilled as a woman, professional, spouse, mother, sister or any other role you assume.

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1) Self-care isn’t selfish

Understand and internalize the fact that dedicating time to self-care isn’t selfish. It makes you stronger, it restores your inner peace and it makes you much more capable of taking care of others. Self-care comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be an hour per day to go exercise. It can be a spa day or a brief yoga session in the morning to boost your energy for the entire day. Self-care also encompasses knowing when to take some time off, to rest and to heal from all of the stress and the worries you deal with.

2) Learn to say no

This is the change I struggled with the most and the one that made all the difference in the world. As women, we’re programmed to be nurturers, to take good care of others. Hence, most of us cannot refuse a request for assistance. We take on more work at the office. We help significant others, relatives, friends and even acquaintances we don’t know all that well. While offering such assistance can build positive relationships with others, it can also contribute to complete exhaustion. Being more centered often starts with learning how to say no in a positive way. Set some healthy boundaries. People who value you will understand and they’ll appreciate your ability to help when such assistance is most needed and to take good care of your own self.

3) Let toxic people go

The relationships in your life should empower you, whether we’re talking about romantic, personal or professional connections. If you want to learn how to build emotional strength as a part of being a centered, fulfilled woman, you should focus on recognizing toxicity and removing it from your life. Toxic people take your energy away. They’re manipulative, they make you feel guilty whenever things don’t go their way. A toxic relationship will steal your identity, your female strength and your will to pursue your goals in life. A toxic relationship doesn’t have to be openly abusive. In fact, it can be difficult to recognize.

You have to take a deep look inside to assess the current state of affairs and the way in which a relationship is affecting you mentally/emotionally. Such introspection is difficult and scary. Once you let go of the fear, however, you will become truly liberated to pursue meaningful relationships.

4) Meditate and seek purpose in life

To feel centered and fulfilled, you need a purpose in life. It’s a common misconception that one’s life purpose has to be groundbreaking. This isn’t the case. For some, the purpose of life is raising independent kids. For others, that purpose would be to volunteer and benefit others. Meditation is a great choice for getting to know yourself, what makes you happy and what will give you a profound sense of fulfillment.

You can dedicate 10 minutes per day to meditate and seek spiritual awareness. Doing a brief session before falling asleep, for example, is a great idea to examine what you’ve done during the day and to determine if it’s in line with your goal.

5) Do one thing at a time

Do you know what one of today’s biggest misconceptions is? Let me tell you – it’s the understanding that multitasking is a good thing. It really isn’t. Multitasking will make you feel exhausted in the end of the day and even worse – it will give a mediocre outcome, regardless of the effort you put in the process. To feel less burdened, get in the habit of doing one thing at a time. You will soon find out that the approach makes you more productive and it actually reduces the amount of time required to complete a single task.

Doing one thing at a time starts with setting your daily priorities. Tackle the most important tasks first and leave the ones that aren’t an absolute essential for the end of the day.

6) Live in the moment

What I’m trying to tell you with the steps and techniques mentioned so far in the article is that you have to learn to live in the moment. Let go of the past. We all have baggage but allowing past hurt to affect your current life will rob you of so many precious moments. Worrying about the future isn’t going to bring you anything beneficial, any strategy for tackling uncertainty. Center yourself in the here and now. Enjoy what you have and learn to stop worrying about what you don’t.

Mindfulness increases awareness about your current situation and helps you tackle it in the best possible way. It reveals the perfection of the here and now – perfection that so few of us take the time to enjoy. Being centered and less burdened is not that difficult. In fact, deciding that you want change is the most challenging part of the process. Once you reach the conclusion that you need to do something for yourself, you will find it a whole lot easier to pinpoint the approach bound to give you the best result.

Don’t postpone change – you have just one life. The sooner you let go of the familiar tediousness, the sooner you can begin your journey towards fulfillment and empowerment.


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