8 Ways To Build Psychological Immunity In Tough Times…

8 Ways To Build Psychological Immunity In Tough Times

We are lucky to be alive during such a time..a time when we can “run to the store” for just about anything, we can “you-tube” how to fix just about anything and have more freedom of movement around the world than any other time previously. Have we really paused to reflect on how amazing this is and how grateful we are?

In everything there is an in-breath, there is a pause, and then there is the out-breath. This is that pause in between. It’s a time to root, connect, relax, slow down, trust, love. To work on your trust tools. It will likely get more extreme before it gets better, are you prepared mentally for what is coming next?

Your psychological immunity is your biggest indicator of staying well. It’s going to be ok. One thing I have been repeating to clients, parents, and friends is simply this:

“Focus on what can you control, what can you personally do.”

Stay calm.

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Here’s how to build psychological immunity

1. Resilience depends on your ability to adapt

Growth occurs when we allow ourselves to shift and change with our surroundings. The surrender and trust in the unknown is the biggest indicator of wellness. Resilience can be built by leaning into the truth of the unknown. Nothing ever has been or ever will be guaranteed, except for this moment, so use it wisely.  Do you want to spend it worrying?

2. Your Words Matter: Change your words and change your path

Studies that show that negativity and more specifically speaking negative words has a multiplier of four to seven times more powerful than just thinking something. And that the negative speech is more likely to occur or other bad outcomes. We literally create our reality with our words and thoughts. Speak about your communities current health and future health. You can predict your future by choosing your words. Change your words and change your path.

3. Align your actions with your truth

What are your values? Your psychology immunity depends on you aligning your actions to your values. This is everything to your psychological immunity, your ease, and your happiness. Analyze your values and make some changes to how you spend your time. Your brain will thank you.

4. Use gratitude as a lifestyle

Your psychological immunity has a lot to do with your ability to focus on the beauty and blessings in your life. Count them daily, notice the sunshine or the rain, give thanks for this moment. Give gratitude for your community, your city all the things you previously took for granted. Hold your loved ones close and call your family to check-in. (but to stay in gratitude and positivity that might mean keeping the convo brief for some)

5. Take care of your vessel

Air out and clean your home, let the lungs of your home breathe fully (essential oils kill more germs than toxic cleaners that will hamper your lung’s ability to fight off viruses). Get enough sleep (naps are useful here), eat your greens, make herbal teas, lemons and limes are your friend (skins too in soups and smoothies), root vegetables (radishes, burdock, carrots, ginger, turmeric, sweet potatoes) and limit your screen time. Read books, exercise if you can. This is the time to take care of your vessel better, what a blessing.

6. Place restrictions on yourself

The restrictions and boundaries you set for yourself mentally are most important for building psychological immunity. Those who use 3 min of their day to “watch the news” are more likely to say they had a bad day. Let that sink in. You need to place restrictions on what you let shape your reality. Choose wisely. I’m not saying that you can’t stay informed, I’m saying that if something is making you feel like shit, it’s your job to keep your brain sane. This leads me to the next way to build psychological immunity.

7. It’s your job to self soothe

Self-soothing is the ability that we all possess to stay calm during unknown times (hint every day is unknown). How do you self soothe? Do that. Meditate, hydrate, masturbate. Get out for that hike, air out your home, burn candles, use essential oils….do your thing.

8. Build upon the things that bring you joy

Focus on the things that you can do right now to build your joy muscles. Try new hobbies, work with your hands which has been shown to lower anxiety levels. Write letters, take up gardening, learn a new skill. This is your life and it’s for living.

Up your game, we got this!

You are safe.

You are calm.

You are healthy.


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