6 Top Tips To Boost Energy In Winter…

6 Top Tips To Boost Energy In Winter

– by Alexandria Barker

Short grey days and long cold nights are back, but this doesn’t have to darken our disposition. These 6 tips are guaranteed to boost your energy and happiness levels in winter, and all year long!

1. Get out in the sunshine, even if it’s barely visible through cloudy skies! A brisk 10 minute walk will reward you with a quick burst of energy lasting up to 2 hours. Warm up with some yoga back-bends to stimulate your metabolism. Stand tall, resting your hands on your low back, and lean back as far as feels good to you. Follow this with a ford fold, reaching toward toes. Ahhhhh! Do this daily and within a few weeks you’ll notice your overall energy and happiness have increased! For added benefit, use this time to repeat some positive affirmations like, “I am now healthy and happy.”

2. After that walk carbs may be calling you, but while sugary treats give you a burst of energy they also quickly lead to a sugar crash. Instead, choose a healthy snack with protein and a bib glass of water to keep your energy up. Not getting enough water can make you feel tired and hungry. Your pee will tell you! It should be the color of apple juice. Lighter means you’re drinking too much water, darker means you aren’t getting enough.

3. Color your world! Surrounding yourself with uplifting vivacious yellow or vibrant orange colors will stimulate and energize you. Dress in these colors, or add them to your décor with throw pillows or cosy blankets. You can fill a bowl with fresh lemons or oranges, or even dab their essential oils on your wrists for an uplifting effect.

4. Eliminate stress whenever possible. Practice the fine art of saying no to prevent overwhelm. Boost your happiness by living in the moment, rather than mentally projecting yourself into the future which produces anxiety. People who engage in spiritual practices are twice as likely to consider themselves happy, so why not try a simple mindfulness meditation? Sitting in silence watching your thoughts without being attached to them is like a mini mental vacation!

5. Nothing zaps energy and happiness like grudges. As the song says, “Let it go, let it go.” Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, it has nothing to do with the other person. Even if they don’t ‘deserve’ it, you do! Try nurturing gratitude instead – that’s my favorite method for boosting happiness. A daily gratitude list is a great way to start this healthy habit, and can be a great family practice as well.

6. Smile! This actually tells your brain you’re happy whether you are or not. While you’re at it, why not practice being happy for no reason! Set a timer for 5 minutes and celebrate as if you just received the best news ever – fist bump the air, let out a whoop of delight! Not only does this feel good in the moment, you’re sending all those fabulous feelings and thoughts out, and what comes back to you in real life will feel equally good! And lastly, if all else fails, remember that spring is coming!

Alexandria Barker is a certified spiritual life coach who specializes in giving Akashic Angel Readings, providing healing at the deepest level for lasting transformation. Please connect with her at alexandriabarker.com.


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