Feeling Worthless? 9 Body Positivity Mantras To Boost Your Self-Worth…

Feeling Worthless? 9 Body Positivity Mantras To Boost Your Self-Worth

Do you feel gratitude, acceptance, and contentment when you look at yourself in the mirror? Or is it more of a depressing sense of gloom and disappointment? Gaining body confidence is hard because today, we live in a world of selfies and social media that tells us repeatedly that our bodies are not good enough when compared to others.

In such a scenario, how one can accept himself/herself the way they are? While it may feel overwhelming, there is a sliver of hope — the mind makes our reality. And because of that, we can c hange it.

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1) Make positive self-talk a priority

It is a crystal-clear fact that nobody speaks to you as much as you speak to yourself. Therefore, if that self-talk is negative, then it will have a profound effect on your body and confidence. People don’t realize that when they look at themselves in the mirror and say, “I hate my waist”, it will eventually turn into “I hate my body.” Moreover, “I hate my body” will turn into “I don’t like myself.” So, make sure that you do not focus on what you could be. It is time-consuming and tremendously affects your self-confidence. So, de-escalate any negative thoughts and realize that you are good enough the way you are.

2) Step comparing yourself to others

Everyone is unique. Each person has something that he/she wishes could change about the body. Maybe you wish you had someone else’s smile, curly hair, or thighs. But remember that it will take away from what is uniquely exclusive to you. Emphasizing the qualities you like will lift your emotional state and minimize the things you don’t like. So, don’t compare yourself with others!

3) Build a support system

You should surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself. If anybody has a concern with how you look, then they are not worthy of being in your life. Try to spend time with people who have a positive influence on you and inspire you rather than fortify bad habits. Go to the gym together, exchange healthy recipes, and celebrate when you are improving.

4) Social media is not reality

Always try to capture moments, not perfection. Recognize that what we see on social media has most likely been edited. It means the girl in the photo does not exactly look like the girl in the photo. Today, we spend so much time editing pictures of ourselves before putting them online. If we fail in getting enough likes, then we start it all over again. So, stop doing this and understand that social media is not reality. So, concentrate on yourself, capture moments, and relish the experience rather than staying depressed because of how beautiful everyone else’s life is on social media. Engage yourself in a hobby that you love the most. It will stop you from overthinking.

5) Value your body for what it does

Try to think about your body from a different perspective. Don’t just think about your body in terms of its aesthetic value. Rather, you should value your body for what it does. It allows you to run for the train, feel the sun on your head, taste wonderful food, etc. Take a moment every day and be grateful for what your body does for you rather than trying to lose extra pounds or to look a certain way.

6) Practice gratitude

You should always practice gratitude. You should appreciate what you have and be thankful for it. It includes good health too. Keep a gratitude list with you and add to it when you wake up and before you go to bed at night. Be thankful for another day and for all the positive things that happen, such as a balanced diet choice you’ve made, or going to the gym on time. This simple practice will let you start your day on a positive note and get through it with a better mindset.

7) Seek out professional help

Do you want to lose those extras pounds or want to look better? These aren’t bad things. You can hire a personal trainer who can help you lose those extra pounds. However, this perfection should not become an obsession. When you take the help of a professional, he/she can identify underlying issues of the root problems. Once these issues are resolved, you can take the steps forward to be body confident.

8) Find a purpose

Make some goals in life and work hard to achieve them. If you have a purpose in your life, you will be busy getting stuff done. So, you will less think about how you look. Ultimately, effective leadership, passionate parenting, and being a kind person that everyone loves is far more satisfying than ensuring that you look perfect in an outfit all the time.

9) Dress as if you are where you want to be

Never try to hide your body. It is a sign of low self-esteem. Of course, it is wise to dress according to your body shape, but that does not mean you should wear uninspiring clothes. You can brighten your image and feel better with smart wardrobe pieces such as fashionable footwear, some nice jewelry, or a chic blazer. Remember, the better you feel, the more likely you will be encouraged to keep making positive changes.

Signing off

Concisely, finding self-acceptance when you have low self-esteem is hard, but not impossible. By using the above-discussed tips, you can transform your relationship with your body into a love affair. Always remember, positive self-image is a habit, not an attribute. So, when you feel low, pull your shoulders back, hold your head up, and fake it until you make it.

How do you feel about your body? Do you have any additional body-positive tips? If yes, share it with us in a comment box below!


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