How Unity Between Body, Mind, And Heart Creates Health And Happiness…

How Unity Between Body, Mind, And Heart Creates Health And Happiness

How often do you feel what you think and do what you feel?

In the past, I didn’t know what ‘to feel what I think and do what I feel’ meant until my emotional happiness, physical health and spiritual growth took priority in my life. As we move through our daily life, we may notice that our body, heart, and mind typically do not act in unison. Instead, every part very often works at cross-purposes to each other. When we continue on living in such way we create disharmony in our heart, confusion in our mind and disease in our body.

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Disharmony Within Ourselves

For example, our body wants to have a big piece of chocolate cake. Our heart freaks out at the prospect of gaining weight and our mind dwells on cholesterol counts. Such inner conflict destroys our energy and hinders our effectiveness; therefore affects our well-being. We are not whole because one or more of our parts refuse to cooperate and creates a conflict in our own self. That type of conflict extends to health issues, unhealthy and painful ongoing relationships, world affair disasters, planetary issues and more.

The Unity Starts from Within

If there is no unity within ourselves, there is no unity outside of ourselves. If we could act with the whole of ourselves, our divided sense of self would begin to heal and the quality of our health and life would change dramatically. Our confidence and effectiveness would grow, health improves, presence would deepen by creating an emotional balance, and dynamic force of energy would enter our inner work by simplifying and accelerating our path forward.

The Key to Emotional Happiness, Physical Health, and Spiritual Growth

One main key is to work toward integration of body, mind, and heart through self-awareness. First, we need to become honest with ourselves and observe our actual situation and our inner contradictions. Seeing it is the action of the conscious energy, the energy of wholeness.

What we feel can drive our thinking and our thoughts can drive our emotions. We may daydream a situation or dwell on a past experience in which we are insulted and hurt. Then our feelings are filled with anger in response to the imaginary or past event. But these examples do not portray integration, rather they show the automatic operation of our parts reacting to each other. The integration derives from the conscious energy of being present with all parts at once.

The Work of Consciousness and Steps Toward Integration

The work of consciousness, the energy of observing, is not that easy to jump straight into. However, by practicing self-awareness allows us to approach it constructively. By practicing a gentle self-awareness of each part of ourselves, moves us toward a gentle awareness of all parts at once. Such practice builds a solid foundation for being present and observing it consciously. By simultaneously sensing our body, kinesthetically and directly, along with awareness of our emotions and thoughts, we expand the platform of our attention and become open toward unity within.

In the beginning, we may enter spontaneous moments where we find ourselves being fully present and conscious, with strong will to unify all parts into a whole only we find that such moments do not typically last. To live in an integrated way, we train and practice self-awareness daily. We begin with establishing awareness of the sensitive energy body first. To do that, we incorporate awareness of thoughts and emotions. This way we train our attention and awareness toward the wholeness that integrates our parts. We start doing what we are feeling and feeling what we are thinking.

When a thought arises, we start following and sensing it in our body. Is it moving our body toward action or the body is resisting to act on that feeling? If the body is in resistance to act on that feeling, then there is disharmony between our thinking and feeling. The flow between thinking, feeling, and acting needs to be with ease if we act in unison with our whole self.

Body Movement, Self-Reflection, and Meditation

By incorporating body movement, self-reflection and meditation we deepen our self-awareness and connection to our whole self. That creates a platform for self-growth, self-understanding, self-healing, self-mastery, and expansion of consciousness. In simple words, we start feeling healthy and happy! Sounds simple but in the actuality of our lives today, it takes daily practice to become our whole selves.


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Oxana Gonchar

Oxana is a physical, emotional and spiritual guide, dancer, writer, radio show host and an advocate for wellbeing and self-realization.…

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