The Greatest ‘Biohack’ In The World For Healing Depression…

The Greatest ‘Biohack’ In The World For Healing Depression

British Army captain James Clark served in some intense peace-keeping operations, patrolling hotspots like Bosnia and Northern Ireland for over ten years. Constantly on alert for snipers and IEDs (improvised explosive devices), he developed what he described as ‘war PTSD,’ suffering anxiety flashbacks, chronic depression, fatigue and frequent suicidal thoughts, like so many of his army buddies, some of whom he had lost.

But this is not the usual story of a veteran where we hope-upon-hope that modern psychology, MDMA therapy, or the latest biohack will bring some relief and or healing “over time.” No, this is a celebration of rapid victory for a ‘light-soldier’ who really deserved it. Relaxed in one of his striped power-suits, James Skyped me from the Sydney airport to sum up our work together, “Through the yang training and star schematics, my PTSD, depression, and suicidal thoughts are now completely gone, man. I’ve increased my core power and health from F to A levels. Women are even chatting me up for no reason these days,” he laughed sweetly.

I shook my head in absolute joy. I even choked up in the throat for a second. “James, it took three months for you to accomplish what took me thirteen years. Congratulations.”

Instead of fighting daily depression, self-sabotaging thoughts, an irritable gut, and war flashbacks like on our phone call only three moons ago, James is now planning his new life, moving to a sunny resort town and starting a professional healing career of his own. So how did James obliterate depression at a pace that has even my holistic therapist friends asking questions? James did the one thing few modalities in the world doe – not even meditation, isolation tanks, nor those awesome hypnotherapy goggles with binaural beats.

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The Power of the Sun

James realized he was drained and exhausted, so he made the clear decision to put power first. He bombarded his mood and biochemistry with the most potent, and totally ignored energy source available to us – the sun herself, which reigns in 99.86% of the total mass of our solar system.

Like James, I had also suffered from severe symptoms of depression, anxiety, and exhaustion ever since falling off a three-story building at the age of six or seven. Many bones had broken, my energy field depleted permanently, and my mood tanked. After discovering the blessing of alternative modalities, I spent the last thirteen years of my career purging through 100+ ayahuasca ceremonies, graduating ‘the Harvard of energy medicine schools,’ and biohacking with ozone machines, theta therapy, yoga training, and biofeedback devices.

But with all the king’s gadgets, modalities, and men, nothing could put this broken prince back together again.

After getting mediocre results for years, I took a step back and soon realized that out of all the alkaline diets high-end supplements, and crossfit classes, the one thing that seemed to be working, beyond any of the others, was simply lying in the sun and doing specific breathwork to receive and circulate sun energy. Over several years time, I even learned a specific formula. By harnessing the incredible energies of this thermonuclear-fusion marvel, you could fill up with ‘the liquid lightning medicine’, as we yang practitioners begin to weirdly, and laughingly call it.

The healing was comprehensive and ludicrously simple. “See that giant light source over there, yeah the big one that nobody listens to. Well, here’s a way to plug directly into that universal source energy, safely, efficiently. Just like your MacBook cord goes into the socket and juices up, we’ll get all your systems, circuitry, and programs operating at 98% power levels and productivity.

The Mirror Effect

In Yang Medicine, we call this the mirror effect. When you’re not plugged in (and core power drains to 80, 50, 20%), your mental and physical health, not to mention your life, do the same. That’s your drained energy system making you perceive the world through a lens of misery. When you power up on the mother’s light, body surfing that delicious sun stream, your cells, your veins, muscles, your whole body turns on, and grows more rapidly than you can imagine. This is the capability of star medicine.

With star medicine, you leave behind long-term low-energy syndrome and become a strong, unstoppable radiant oak of life-force. Star surfing does take skill and a lot of attention to drink in all that energy. It can be totally rough waters at times blasting through old, limiting beliefs, but for guys like James that show up with a desire for martial-arts-level mastery, you can transmute crunched ‘shadow material’ through the pure photon alchemy of light and pleasure.

Then, a wondrous thing begins to happen, an experience I feel some of the pasty, more brain-focused bio-hackers might entirely miss. When you release all that density, you fill up, turn on, and are birthed into a new orgasmic-feeling reality. This medicine specializes in regenerating body systems, growing glands, reclaiming joy, and resurrecting long-forgotten chakras and sexual power by filling you up with delicious star energy. Like James, “You feel juicy, fluffy, alive.”

As James says, “It’s such a life-changing experience. I’m in an entirely new reality now. All this abundance and opportunity coming in. It’s a bigger, sexier game and it’s one that I was meant to play. And I owe it to our sun.” So that’s our story of the recovered soldier, the wounded healer who found total victory in just 3 months…

At the moment, James and I may be part of a small tribe of dedicated light-warriors and star soakers, but there’s a lot of depressed, fatigued people out there waiting for help, ones who probably love upgrading, elevating, and awakening consciousness as much as we do. So, as much as you adore that 007 inversion chair or emotional freedom tapping when it comes to healing chronic depression, fatigue, and anxiety, you might want to choose to ‘put power first,’ plugging into the most massive biohack in our solar system – the sun.


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