11 Benefits Of Being Hyper-Sensitive…

11 Benefits Of Being Hyper-Sensitive

There are always two sides to a coin. Let’s look at the word sensitive for example. This word has gotten a bad rep over the years because we mostly only focus on one side of it. Today I would like to shift everyone’s focus and perception of this word.

While on one end many people have become emotionally sensitive whereas though truth can’t be spoken without someone getting offended. We’ve been taught to water things down due to heightened emotions. We’ve also been taught to suppress our emotions by many people telling us, “You’re too sensitive, toughen up.” But I’d like to think that by doing so we’re actually suppressing a great superpower we’ve been gifted with.

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Sensitive or emotional?

Let’s look at the root word “sens” Identical to the word “sense” And last time I checked, being able to sense things was most certainly one of our greatest attributes.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word sensitive derives from the French word “sensitive” or the Medieval Latin word “sensitives” which means to feel. Also, the very first definition of sensitive is listed as: “Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences”.

I think what happened was that people got the word emotional and sensitive confused. People use them interchangeably but they are not necessarily the same thing. You can be overly emotional which is why it is important to master our emotions and use them for the purpose that they serve; being our guidance to inform us what state of being we are in, I.e. what frequency we are channeling at the moment. Are we feeling happy? Sad? Irritated? Grumpy? Afraid? And then uncover the reasons for these feelings so that we may release and heal the thought or situation that brought it on or celebrate that which brought it on – if it’s on the higher frequency of course.

Someone who is emotional can more so be considered as “moody” meaning their emotions tend to shift quite easily depending on the circumstance.

But when you are sensitive to your emotions, that typically means that you feel them on a deeper level. Your emotions don’t just jump around like a moody person but when you are experiencing a particular emotion it hits you deeply.

“I’m sensitive. I love deeply. I think deeply about life. I’m honest, loyal, and true. I appreciate the simple things. I will not change or harden to this world. It is this sensitivity, perception, sincerity, awareness, affection, and gentle grace that makes me who I am”  – Unknown

So I’d like to flip the switch and say being sensitive is amazing! The next time someone says you’re so sensitive, simply say thank you! Why? Because this means that your senses are greatly attuned. You can feel things more deeply than other people.

Why being sensitive is okay

  1. You are able to pick up energy easily and know when something is “off”.
  2. You can sense when someone is being dishonest.
  3. On the lighter side, you can sense when something wonderful is about to happen.
  4. You can sense when you have met your soulmate.
  5. You can sense that an opportunity is for you.
  6. Not to mention when your senses are fully activated, you get to enjoy life more fully.
  7. You get to taste every seasoning in your food. Can you say foodgasm?
  8. You deeply feel the lyrics to your favorite song.
  9. You can receive a deeper message from the movie you just watched.
  10. You can “hear” what someone is truly saying.
  11. You can sense or feel when a shift has taken place in your world or within the Universe at large.

And the list continues! Being sensitive simply means being able to pick up on energy in all its forms. Sensitivity also benefits us with the ability to discern our intuition from our ego. So let’s make being sensitive great again! And use it in its proper context. After all, it is a magical ability that was given to us by our Creator to sense what is going on around you, within you, and with others. Why would any of us want to turn that off?


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