Understanding Beauty In Today’s World…

Understanding Beauty In Today’s World

Answer this: I will be happy when ____________. Seriously. Finish that sentence.

When you land your perfect job, are in a relationship, get your perfect body, buy the new car, purchase the big house, jet off on vacation, achieve enlightenment…

Are you ever afraid that you’ll get the new job, car or house and still not be happy? Or that you’ll never get it in the first place? Or that you need to be ‘realistic’ and not dream up this wild hopes & aspirations?

Many of us can agree that our lives aren’t perfect and there’s a laundry list of what we can improve. I’ll let you in on a secret. The thought energy of happiness and expectation in the present moment is what will manifest your dreams. If you want to attract the happy in your life, you need to do it from the “here and now”. A lot of you are probably like “F you author of this stupid ass hippie blog, that’s easier said than done.” And I know you are because I’ve thought those same things. Until I began to understand energy and how my thoughts manifested in my life.

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Be Still and Present

In Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Life, he describes the present moment as such, “There is always this one step (the now), and you give it your fullest attention. This doesn’t mean you don’t know where you’re going; it just means this step is primary, the destination secondary. And what you encounter at your destination once you get there depends on the quality of this one step. What the future holds for you depends on your state of consciousness now.” The thought energy of happiness and expectation in the present moment is what will manifest your dreams.

Being still in the present moment and appreciating exactly what you have right now, is the catalyst for attracting more of what makes you happy.

Every small appreciation for what makes you happy in this moment produces positive energy. This positive energy is like a domino effect towards your goals. You will begin to attract the exact type of situations, people and inspiration to guide you to your goals. You will begin to encounter more people that encourage you to pursue your highest interests and, you too, will find the best in others, whether they see it or not. The path to your goals will become clearer, while you find more joy in what you already have. As your desires become clearer, you may find your dreams evolve into entirely different ones, becoming more authentic, less material-driven. For example, your once yearned dreams of a brand new car or mansion may evolve into the drive for more loving relationships or a passion to explore the world.

By appreciating what you already have, you spark a fire to pursue dreams that truly make you happy and contribute to your higher purpose.

You need to live in the moment; you need to be right here.

You may not live in your dream house but appreciate fully the roof over your head. You may despise your job but appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience you’re in. You may be resentful of an illness you have but try your best to appreciate you have a life to fight for. Appreciating the small things; the birds, flowers, sunshine, the fact that it’s free iced coffee day at Dunkin Donuts; will return to you more of the happy tenfold. A quote from an unknown author said this, “Ego says: once everything falls into place, I will find peace. Spirit says: Find peace and everything will fall into place.”

I will be happy now.


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