Awakening To A Career Of Purpose And Alignment…

Awakening To A Career Of Purpose And Alignment

There’s a funny thing that happens when you awaken to new ideas about yourself — when you stand on the precipice of a spiritual and personal up-leveling — what was, often no longer fits. It can be hard to know where to begin to make a change that feels meaningful, especially when it comes to your work and what you do. Right now, spiritually conscious people everywhere are waking up and realizing that their work is no longer aligned with their heart and soul. That misalignment is all of a sudden just too much to bear.

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The first question that gets asked is, “What’s my purpose?”

The truth is, your purpose is not about one thing. You are intricately linked to an expansive and intelligent Universe. To have just one magical thing that you’re here to do in this life is thinking way too small. Yet, finding purpose is something that consumes a lot of people’s energy… especially when it’s tied to what you “do”.

And what you do matters.

You want what you do to feel purposeful and meaningful. Yet, for most of us, our purpose isn’t a big mission that’s waiting to be discovered. People often think they need to connect to some biz-bang PURPOSE in life and end up missing the fact that their most natural gift, and what lights them up, is a reflection of their purpose. I bet if you stood back and looked at your life, you’d start to see a pattern show up around what you naturally do well that lets you contribute to those around you in some way. Activities and ways of being will show up that point you toward what feels meaningful.

You can find purpose in many things.

I can remember a teacher of mine long ago saying to me, “It doesn’t really matter whether you hang a shingle as a healer or decide to drive a bus. Either way, you’ll be helping people heal.” It took me a while to understand that, as I was always pushing to create a job that I thought was “my purpose in life.”

I wasn’t seeing that by simply being me, purpose flowed. And I could choose to work anywhere, as long as it allowed me to show up authentically and express myself. My purpose would ooze out as a part of that.

The real issue is alignment.

Alignment is about your Soul’s growth… your spiritual evolution. And what has so many conscious people shifting when it comes to work is this re-direction into work that allows them to be the next best version of themselves. And quite honestly, I think this is where the real confusion is when it comes to work and what you want to be doing.

Realize that your need for more aligned work is a spiritual shift.

If you can see your need to grow for what it is – you taking a step in your own spiritual evolution to reposition yourself into more authenticity, personal power and purpose – you can use the energy behind this level of growth to fuel the process. The change that is being ushered into your life is not “just” a change in job. It’s you up-leveling into a bigger version of yourself and positioning yourself to have a greater impact through what you do. That impact comes from you modeling your life and bridging who you are with what you do. You create that impact by stepping into your authentic self and getting out there in the world in some more aligned way, with a bigger voice.

Until you know how you’re being asked to show up, you won’t know what you’re supposed to be doing.

You, figuring out who you are, and how you need to show up to be fully aligned with your spirit and your spiritual evolution right now, might just be your real work. At first glance, this process can be terrifying. Confusion about what direction you are to take is often the launching pad for this journey. And fear seeps in, especially if you can’t see the bigger version of you down the road and what life looks like from that perspective.

The message I keep getting is: go bigger.

Stepping into that greatest version of you will ease the confusion and the fear. You’ve got to get out of your box – what’s known to you – to even begin to see what you need to see… to know who you are first before you can know what you want to do.


It’s time to break through the limiting beliefs that you have of yourself and find that bigger version of who you are. It’s time to listen to your intuition and realize it can be a factor in your success. And, it’s time to reach for what you desire and show up as that… then find it through your work. There’s healing in saying yes to this as a process. And, there may be work to do so you can vibrationally hold this level of personal power and see yourself in this bigger way. If you find yourself standing on this precipice of change – needing to change yourself and your work—realize that you have something bigger to do and that your voice is needed to help shape your world – the world.

And it’s time leap.

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