Awaken Yourself To New Possibilities…

Awaken Yourself To New Possibilities

  • “You are under no obligation to remain the same person you were a year ago, a month ago, or even a day ago. You are here to create yourself, continuously.” – Professor Richard Feynman

I find this quote so liberating, I think about it often. Why do we get caught in the trap of thinking that everything must stay the same, including ourselves, in order to preserve a status quo which in reality quite possibly no longer serves us?

Change is good and we need to constantly transform in order to move forward and avoid stagnation of our energy which causes us mental and physical problems. Change happens organically, of course, but sometimes, as now, it is forced upon us in such a way that we create resistance which can manifest in the body as pain and fatigue. We can help by slowing down and spending time with ourselves in order to learn what we need to do next. By tuning into the guidance we continually receive and healing ourselves gently and holistically we can get to know ourselves better, discover our true path and ensure that we move forward with grace in peace and wellbeing.

We can experience our greatest learning through reflection on our personal experiences and the lessons we are being taught every day. ‘Metamorphosis’ or personal transformation takes place through an increased self-awareness of our uniquely different individual yet interconnected path of life along which we try to function well in the world but also improve ourselves and close the gap between our current reality and our future dreams.

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Why is it so empowering to practice reflection, self-awareness and healing?

Sometimes our progress along the path is smooth, it just flows, and sometimes we encounter obstacles and friction which, although temporary, can manifest as insecurity and fear and which may also impact us physically and emotionally affecting our overall well being, motivation and joy for life. Our fears can hold us back from making progress and the fulfillment we desire. They can even distort the lens through which we see the world. Knowing ourselves and healing take many forms.

If you are currently feeling resistance, anxiety or unable to move forward I invite you to explore the empowering process of practicing reflection, self-awareness and healing.

Ask yourself these four simple questions which will provide you with the clarity, direction and guidance you need to get started:

  • What do you feel is holding you back at the moment?
  • Are you suffering from a lack of self-confidence? Why do you think this is?
  • Do you have any new health or financial challenges?
  • What else comes to mind when you allow yourself this reflective space?

If you feel called to do so, jot down your thoughts and create a private journal in which you can keep notes of your feelings, emotions, any changes you notice and your healing process.

Set an intention to:

  1. Reflect regularly to increase your self-awareness
  2. Identify and work to heal any limiting beliefs or blocks which are manifesting as fear, insecurity or physical symptoms such as anxiety and pain
  3. Explore your dreams and vision for the future
  4. Seek support and guidance to help you identify your authentic abilities and direction

If you are able to do this practice openly and honestly for yourself, without fear of judgement, you will begin to positively affect your ability to function well through mental and physical health and wellness, achieve your goals and enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling life.


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