Attitude Of Wellbeing: Why A Change In Attitude Will Change Your Life…

Attitude Of Wellbeing: Why A Change In Attitude Will Change Your Life

“Relax in the knowing that what is meant for you will show up for you. Trust in your journey”- Samantha Cervino

Attitude is defined as “the position or bearing as indicating action, feeling, or mood.” It’s your actions, feelings, and moods which determine the actions, feelings, or moods of others toward you, and also, controls your success or failure.

Your Attitude is expressed by both your mind and body. And it is your attitude toward life which determines life’s attitude toward you. Everything in life works under the law of Cause and Effect, everything we say and do will cause an effect. A good attitude will cause good results, a fair attitude will cause fair results, and a poor or bad attitude will cause poor/ bad results. I am going to assume that you as a person want good results all the time so, in order to get good results all the time you must have a good attitude!

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How do you know if you have a good attitude?

Look at your results. Are you happy, relaxed, healthy, calm, motivated, inspired, creative in action? You feel good when you have a good attitude toward yourself. You have good and positive relationships when you have a good attitude toward others. You do well at your work when you have a good attitude and you succeed. You feel productive. You have goals and you work at achieving those goals. You expect great things for yourself. You talk well about yourself. You run the day instead of letting the day run you. You expect the best.

How do you know if you have a fair attitude?

Fair results. You tend to go with the flow, you don’t try too hard, you are okay to live in conformity, you don’t care too much about goal-achieving or setting goals for yourself. You tend to follow the crowd and live your life by default. Easy come easy go type of personality. Your attitude toward life is fair and you do not think too much about achieving more. Lack of ambition and motivation. You are okay with the ways things are.

How do you know if you have a bad attitude?

Bad and negative results. When you have a bad attitude you are not happy with yourself, you do not like yourself. You practice unhealthy habits and have a lack of self-love and self-respect for you and others. You have a bad attitude toward others. Your environment is negative and you live day by day with no motivation or belief that things will get better for you. You may feel fear more times than not, of the unknown, change, and moving forward. You always expect the worst. Lack of self-trust, lack of motivation and ambition, etc…

Attitude makes reality

The good news is that you can move up from a bad attitude to a fair attitude to a good attitude. By changing habits, adopting a positive mindset, mentoring by others, and doing things in a certain way. Trying to do your best every day. Responding to life instead of reacting to what “life” throws at you.

Through study and coaching, I learned that we, as humans, create our own experiences and our attitudes have a powerful hold on how things flow for us, our results. My life changed dramatically the minute I understood this and applied what I learned into my life. See, getting this at an intellectual level is one thing, but getting it at an emotional level as well and taking action is key to positive change and better results.

So, we now know that what we receive from life, what we accomplish or fail to accomplish, is due in large measure to our overall attitude.  

William James of Harvard said the greatest discovery of his generation was that “HUMAN BEINGS CAN ALTER THEIR LIVES BY ALTERING THEIR ATTITUDES OF MIND.” A change in attitude will change your life! However to change your attitude is not be very easy, otherwise, more people would do it.

To develop a good attitude toward the world in general, you must first develop a good attitude toward yourself. You can not give to others something you do not have. It is the attitude you take toward yourself which determines your attitude toward others. Now, if a poor or bad attitude gives you bad results, not what you want, then why would you or any person persist in a poor attitude…expecting the worst? Well, I learned that the answer to this question is that we are so familiar with ourselves that we tend to take ourselves for granted; we tend to minimize what we can accomplish, the goals we can reach and for some strange reason we believe that others can achieve things we can’t.

I will end this blog by reminding you that attitude is the reflection of a person. What is going on inside shows on the outside. Your attitude is incalculably powerful. It can bring you marvelous results but you must train it patiently, day by day. I hope this blog serves you and I look forward to comments and connecting with you.


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