How To Attain Peace Amidst Physical-Mental-Emotional Violence Around?…

How To Attain Peace Amidst Physical-Mental-Emotional Violence Around?

The Enlightened One says, “If worldly unhappiness or suffering is not there, we would never search for permanent happiness. Therefore, it is very helpful to us. Permanent happiness is not through body. It is independent of body. When there is pain, we search for safeside, ‘Where is my permanent safeside?’ That will help us go towards reality, towards the Pure Soul.”

He further explains, “We have done causes. That’s why we are getting suffering. Causes are anger, pride, deceit and greed. That’s what gives the pain, suffering and misery. When we stop these causes, then automatically the effects of suffering will not be there.”

Every living being in worldly life has external difficulties; but real difficulties are our internal passions (kashays) namely attachment, abhorrence, anger, pride, deceit and greed, because they take us away from the real Self i.e. the Pure Soul.

People Receive that which is Due to Them According to Their Karmic Account

The world is not meant for suffering, it is meant for enjoying. But why are some people happy while others are suffering? It is because they have brought such accounts with them.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Many people have written the statement: ‘The fault is of the sufferer’ in large print on their walls at home, so that they are reminded of who is at fault whenever they experience any suffering.” If a man remembers this sentence throughout his life and applies it to his life’s circumstances with the correct understanding, then he will experience complete peace.

Any Act that Causes Hurt to Another Living Being is Called Violence

Harassing or hurting any human being, bird, animal or insect is all an act of violence.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Those who want to kill insects will get the circumstances to do so, and those who do not wish to kill insects will get the circumstances to not do so. Therefore, if you observe non-violence, you will never come across circumstances leading to violence. A person with the intent that, ‘May no living being be hurt to the slightest extent by my thoughts, words or actions.’ is considered to be most non-violent of all. So nurture this intent every morning.”

Thus, we will always nurture this intent in life. Also, every evening, we shall check where all did I, through my mind, speech or action, cause mental harassment, emotional hurt or physical killing to someone? And for every such instance, we shall seek forgiveness from God, “Dear Lord, I made this mistake today. Please forgive me and grant me strength so that I do not do this mistake again.” Do this and you will automatically begin to experience peace in life.

Not Being Affected by Any Bad News is The Ultimate Knowledge (Gnan)

The violence around affects us due to our intellect. The intellect does not help; it only makes one emotional. Knowledge of the Self (Aatma-Gnan) will keep us calm and composed even in the worst of situations. We just have to ‘know’ and ‘see’ everything that is happening around us; just ‘know’ and ‘see’; that is all! There is no harassment then. But this is possible only after Self-Realization.

To attain the state of remaining a mere knower and observer of things happening in and around us, it is important to realize the Self i.e. the Pure Soul within, whose nature is to only see and know. After Self-Realization, you shall be able to remain the ‘knower’ of the news details that you read or hear. That is called Aatma-Gnan.

The living Gnani Purush helps us attain Self-Realization!!!

Gnani awakens our Soul by gracing us with the experiential knowledge of the Self. It is then that we know by experience that we all are a Pure Soul that is an abode of eternal bliss and pure love. Thus, after Self-Realization, we begin to live integrally as a Pure Soul, in absolute oneness and peace with all living beings.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “True peaceful state is that when one has inner peace amidst total lack of peace on the outside. Samadhi (bliss of the Self i.e. Soul) amidst external turmoil is the tested samadhi”

What We Can Do on Our Part for the Violence Around is Pray for Everybody

The following prayer can be chanted as many times a day as one can. When our prayer is heartfelt, it can reach anywhere in the world!

Oh God, Bring Salvation to the World

May All Living Beings Attain knowledge of the self

May the World’s Obstacles Disappear

Lord, Grant Shelter to All

Dada Bhagwan Na Asim Jay Jay Kar Ho

Prayer is like making a special request to God. We receive what we pray for, when our prayer is true. Prayer is a very valuable thing. When a human being prays for the world, along with attaining peace, he also finds a solution for his troubles. A heartfelt spiritual prayer brings all the worldly desires to an end, and our ultimate quest is also accomplished.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “When does one experience the ‘Samadhi sukh’ (happiness of the blissful state)? When one does not want anything, when the entire ‘tuber’ of greed has been removed; thereafter the ‘Samadhi sukh’ shall prevail. Therefore, give away. As much as you give, that much will be yours!”

Gnani is a living example before us. He is free from greed and fear; and hence he is always at peace, even amidst so much violence around. Then why can’t we?!


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