Ask And You Shall Receive…

Ask And You Shall Receive

During a walk in our community’s arboretum, I discovered a peacock feather, as peacocks roam the area freely. I held it for a while, but, then, felt guilty, thinking that I should not actually take it out of the area. I also felt that if a peacock saw me holding a feather, I may instigate a hostile reaction. So, I placed the peacock feather on top of a rock, and decided that when I returned and the feather remained, I would take it with me, as it was meant for me.

We live in a society that encourages accumulation as a form of success and status. We want to accumulate money, popularity, clothing, cars, homes, and lovers. We want to update our social network statuses and inform our friends of our possessions, to further accumulate likes and other accolades. All of this incessant wanting of material and superficial belongings becomes a burden that leads to anxiety, depression, worry, and fear. However, the Universe is abundant with whatever we could want. When we follow certain steps to receive from the Universe, we will see the abundance flow into our lives like a stream.

1. Have a firm, concrete goal: It is so important to know what we want. My metaphor is a peacock feather, but, most of us long for love, financial security, a job, a secure home. We have to send the Universe the message of exactly what we want, with as much specificity as possible.

2. Visualize your goal, even hold it in your hand: I am a huge proponent of visualization. When I meditate, I usually visualize what my goal is, whether it is family or career-related. The power of using sensory perception solidifies your goal as belonging to you. The Universe wants to give you anything you want that comes from a place of love. In addition to visualizing, I love actually holding in my hand what my goal is. This can be a contract, a paycheck, a wedding ring, or anything that we want to be ours, because it is ours.

3. Leave it to the Universe: This can be difficult, because it is our nature to want immediate results. But, patience is a virtue, and the rewards we reap are countless.

4. Have faith: This is an extension of leaving our goals and desires to the Universe. When we have faith, it is not only in a higher power, but, also in ourselves. We are worthy and whole, and can accomplish anything.

5. Remember, the Universe is abundant. We will always receive what is meant for us, and we do not need to compete with or compare ourselves to anyone else. The Universe blesses us with the abundance that is based on our dharma. However, a prerequisite to receiving is to always come from a place of love, which will then, open our hearts to what is meant for us.

That afternoon, I continued my walk, and struck a conversation with a gentleman who was doing landscaping. As I was leaving, he said, “Oh, here, take this” and it was a peacock feather. I said, “You know, I found one, but, I wasn’t sure if I could just take it.” He assured me that it was fine and even gave me a second one. I had a goal, questioned my worthiness of it, but, still, left it to the Universe. The Universe answered me.


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