Mental Imaging And The Art Of Creative Visualization…

Mental Imaging And The Art Of Creative Visualization

One of the best methods to change one’s circumstances and events is the forming of mental images through creative visualization and the Will of Mind. If the Universe is, in essence, a manifestation of Mind and made up of  ‘Mind stuff’, then the Mind and its offspring consciousness must have the highest power over its phenomena. And if this is true, then all the so-called ‘miracles’ are just the workings of the Will or power of Mind directed for a specific purpose.

The power of manifestation through mental imaging or creative visualization employs the three essential aspects of the play of Reality: The potential, the ideal and the concrete.

  • The potential is Pure Being itself, the mind not particularized in any way, not yet brought into form nor thought.
  • The ideal is the particularizing of the potential into a certain formulated thought – intention through mental imaging or creative visualization.
  • The concrete is the manifestation of the formulated mental image in visible form.

Imagination in its positive phase is one the most important faculties of the human mind and lies at the basis of any mental and physical manifestation.

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On Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is simply the creation of clear mental images of the things and conditions desired driven by the Will of Mind, or Mind’s power to create and manifest in form. The creative visualization has the inherent tendency to materialize itself, by building around itself the actual circumstantial conditions corresponding to its mental framework, through a process of Cause and Effect and through the Principle of Vibration and Correspondence. We shouldn’t be surprised by this affirmation; in fact, this is what happens generally in one’s life, although unrecognized. Whenever we think in general and especially when we think with intention and motivation with a specific purpose, we automatically manifest in our mind’s eye a mental picture of the conditions desired or rejected, although this happens usually without self-awareness and somewhat haphazardly.

The creative power of any mental image is determined by how often you think it or imagine it and by the strength or energy of the feelings or emotions associated with it. The law is that the originating creative Principle of Pure Being in the universal here and timeless ‘Now’ creates its own vehicles through which to operate and manifest. Therefore when one desires or rejects strongly a particular condition through the emotions of desire, anger or fear, one automatically creates a clear mental picture of the conditions imagined which then tend to manifest in one’s field of sense experience. Through strong rejections, feared conditions manifest in our field of experience just like any desired conditions (unless one’s focus and belief is on the lack of the desired condition).

Since we continuously ‘think reality’ into being in objective experience, the main reason why most of one’s desires don’t actually manifest in physical reality is the ingrained habit of thinking continuously about the lack of the desired condition which will unavoidably perpetrate itself. Since the subconscious mind cannot process negatives, even whenever one criticizes, judges and projects negative thoughts and feelings onto others, one subconsciously experiences the negativity as one’s own, which in due time manifest in one’s physical dimension. This is the reason why one should try to refrain from wishing others any negative motivated conditions, as, by law, these conditions will bounce back in due time to its source.

One Simple Principle for Mastery

One can, however, master this process with awareness by following a simple principle: see yourself as you wish to be, and see conditions as you wish them to be, by thinking them out and acting them out, materialization will follow accordingly. You can form your own mental images, through the interior processes of thought intentions regardless of the thoughts of others, regardless of exterior conditions, regardless of the environment of every kind, and it is by the exercise of this power that you can take control over your own events and circumstances.

If you continue upon mentally seeing yourself surrounded by the conditions as you wish them to be, the creative energy of Mind will group the necessary conditions indicated by the tendency of your intimate intending thoughts. For example, if one desires love, one should try to realize that the only way to get love is by giving love and that the only way to give love is ‘to become love’ or to fill oneself with love until one becomes like a loving magnet. It is impossible to give love if one doesn’t fill himself with love, just like it would be impossible to give money if one doesn’t possess any wealth himself.

The secret of this method lies in the Principle of Mind, which states that everything is Mind and made of ‘Mind’s stuff’, where the visualized mental image becomes the matrix or mould into which the Mind ‘s Will is poured, and from which it takes form, then finally the ideal becomes the real. The method is to start building up a mental matrix, of the first step toward the whole picture, starting with the first thing that is needed, after which, when things have been started in motion,  one may add  more details and build up one’s mental image in greater detail until it stands out in one’s  mind’s eye clearly, feeling it as something real, as an actually existing condition in the ever-present timeless ‘Now’ of eternal Mind creation, and not as going to exist later on in some distant future.

Things will come one’s way, people will appear who are necessary to one’s plans, information will come from strange sources and in unexpected times and places, all sorts of opportunities will open themselves up to oneself. Of course, one must be prepared to act upon these opportunities, as although the forces one has started will supply the right material, one will have to do the work. The doors will be opened, but one must step in, laziness will jeopardize the process.

The ideal, however, must be sharp, clear-cut and definite, to have one ideal today, another tomorrow, and a third next week, means to scatter one’s forces and accomplish nothing. If a sculptor started out with a piece of marble and a chisel and changed his ideal every fifteen minutes, what result could he expect?

To conclude, we have to realize that we cannot create energy, but only transform it from one form to another, by providing the conditions by which the already existing energy can change its mode of manifestation. By visualizing the desired effect we establish the necessary primary causes for its manifestation. Creation can only be manifested by simply becoming aware of increasing portions of that which already exists as a potentiality. In a nutshell anything can manifest, because it already is in potentiality.


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